24 July 2009: Mavambo Starts Rolling Out Provincial Structures

Members of the MKD National Steering Committee sing the Zimbabwe National Anthem at the launch of the party at Stoddart Hall in Mbare on July 01 2009. Interim provincial structures are now being elected all over Zimbabwe, starting with Mashonaland West and Manicaland tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Saturday 25 July 2009, members of Mavambo.Kusile.Dawn will gather at Orange Grove Motel and at the Mavambo Provincial offices in Mutare to elect the Interim Provincial Executives for Mashonaland West Province and Manicaland Province respectively.

These are the first grassroots elections to be held by the new party, led by Dr Makoni as interim president and Mr Godfrey Chanetsa as interim chairman.

On Tuesday, Harare Province will also meet to elect a Provincial interim team.

It is expected that once this is done, the interim provincial structures will then roll out the rest of the process, overseeing the election of interim structures at ward, district and village levels across Zimbabwe.

By the end of August, all structures will be in place and what will be left will be the inauguration of the party for the election of a substantive national leadership team.

Meantime, the interim leadership of the party will be consulting with the provincial executives about sending delegates to the various national events taking place.

One of these is the Constitution-making process, to which, as I have said before, the party has been invited to send 50 delegates.

A decision on whether MKD will take part in what is widely acknowledged as an inadequate and flawed process will be taken by the National Steering Committee in the next few days.

The party has also been invited to take part in the National Healing process and this will also be discussed and a decision reached on whether MKD will take part in the process, despite its very serious shortcomings and a patent lack of sincerity and commitment to the process by ZANU PF especially.

As most readers will know, Dr Makoni and Mr Chanetsa were also at the Vision conference convened by the Inclusive Government, where a "vision for Zimbabwe" was being deliberated. Prime Minister Tsvangirai was also in attendance there, as was Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara, Vice-President Mujuru, businessman Nigel Chanakira (one of the speakers, together with Dr Makoni) and many others.

By the end of August, MKD will have taken shape all over Zimbabwe and then the real work begins as the new party takes on this moribund and ineffectual Inclusive Government, which is failing to end the people's suffering or give them hope for the future.


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