Tsvangirai Jeered By Zim Exiles, Forced To Cut Short His Address

Morgan Tsvangirai slinks off as he is jeered by Zimbabweans in London at Southwark Cathedral. This was just over two hours ago as I write this. Tsvangirai had to cut short the event and leave after it became clear that the majority of the people present did not want to hear his apologies and lies about the "stability" of Zimbabwe

Morgan Tsvangirai was forced to cut short his address to Zimbabweans at Southwark Cathedral in London after they started jeering him. This happened about two hours ago.

According to the BBC website, Tsvangirai told his audience that his and Mugabe's government has ensured that there is "peace and stability" in Zimbabwe.

It was at that point that the crowd started jeering them, with some holding banners calling for Mugabe to go.

As we all know, Tsvangirai now says there is no need for Mugabe to go. In fact, he says Mugabe "is the solution" to Zimbabwe's impasse, telling an audience at Wits University in South Africa last month:

"President Mugabe is not going anywhere. He is with us in this government until we achieve positive results."

I wonder what the MDC-T praise-singers think now? Were the 1000 (yes a thousand) people who jeered Tsvangirai today at Southwark Cathedral CIO or ZANU PF?

Can they not see just utterly compromised the Prime Minister has become?

I guess not. They will still blindly follow, even if he tells them to vote for Mugabe today, they would defend him on that!!

Still, it is now plain for everyone to see that Tsvangirai hold no moral authority anymore within or outside Zimbabwe. He has become a liability to the MDC-T.

But they can do nothing to him because, as he once said at a rally in Gweru, "I am the MDC. Without me, there is no MDC."

So, there you have it. People are not happy with this man, they are not happy that he sold their votes to Mugabe. They are not happy that he is now globe-trotting to source funds for propping Mugabe, whom he says "is not going anywhere."


  1. Woww.. and I thought only politicians got jeered and booed in england. well that just goes to show you that trends can happen anytime. maybe we can teach old dogs new tricks. this one however seems to be a one trick pony.

    we'll be covering this on the main blog this week, as this is really newsworthy.

    btw, the red and black candle starts this week so that by the time he reaches back to zim, the candle will have done it's best. he is really on his own out there isn't he ? how glorious.

  2. You are the one that is turning people in the diaspora against the PM.

  3. wow you also love it. yes lemon is delicious but i'm not tolerant with sour things anymore.

    nwys, thanks for the comment. God bless!

    IJP's Haven

  4. I guess this a matter of 'damned if you do, damned if you don't'.

    Denford, if MDC had not decided to join the GNU, they would have been criticised by many zimbabweans for not having our interests at heart. Now that they join the GNU they are criticised by Zimbabweans yet again for siding with ZANU. I think what many people in the diaspora fail to realise is that the people living IN Zimbabwe just wanted some hope. Any hope! We know it is an imperfect relationship but the alternative is to ghastly to contemplate!

    Denford, in all honesty, and REALISTICALLY, what other options besides the GNU do we have?
    I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.



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