Tsvangirai Goes Begging As Mugabe Refuses to Fund His Trip

" I can't believe they are letting me leave...." Tsvangirai at Harare International Airport earlier on Saturday as he arrived to leave for a month-long tour of Europe and United States. The Solution started sabotaging him even before he left, with a front page splash in the Herald today claiming that it was Robert "The Solution" Mugabe who had sent him to Europe to get sanctions lifted and bring back bags of money.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai left Harare this morning to go and beg for aid from the European Union and the United States.

The Prime Minister started begging even before he left the country, extremely reliable sources have revealed.

Mugabe apparently refused to authorise funding for the trip, citing the very plausible reason that there is no money for the delegation. (Yet money is found if it is The Solution that has to attend some nonsensical summit in Doha or Asia or Africa).

So Tsvangirai, even before he flew off, had to request each of the countries he is visiting to pay for the accommodation of his delegation as well as their expenses!

Yet, in today's Herald, Mugabe was already positioning himself to take credit for any success Tsvangirai may have (I doubt it will be much). The Herald did a propaganda piece and splashed large and bold on the front page:

"Tsvangirai Tasked"

It claims Tsvangirai was tasked by Mugabe to go and get those sanctions lifted. By doing this, Mugabe may also be jeopardising the success of the trip, which success was in doubt from the beginning.



You get the drift.

Tsvangirai, as he usually does, pretends none of this is happening. He arrived in sunglasses and open neck at the airport today to fly off, looking relaxed and a little bit puzzled that they had actually let him leave the country.

As is usual these days, he was accompanied by a phalanx of CIO operatives, who are now guarding him.

He says while in America,  he will meet Barack Obama and "all heads of state or government" in Europe.

Tsvangirai has said he may well come back with "as much as US$700 million". Which is entirely inadequate for anything other than meeting the voracious appetite of this MDC-PF creature called the Inclusive government.

That sort of money buys a lot of luxurious cars, lavish furniture and so on. It could come in handy when financing is needed for trips abroad, retreats to "strategise" and so forth.

Yes, you can bet The Solution has a few plans for that money. An election will have to be held at some point, you know, and there are marauding thugs in the countryside waiting for their monthly US$100 allowances because they are "civil servants".

It matters not that they are neither civil nor servants (of the the people anyway).

Bring it on. As Tendai Biti said during his Budget statement, they are going to "eat" that money the moment it shows up on our shores.


  1. This puts Western governments and their electorates in a really difficult situation. We don't want to refuse aid to a country whose people are starving, but on the other hand what is the point in sending money if it will merely prop up the regime that has wantonly cause all that suffering.

    For the West it's a lose/lose situation. Once again, Zimbabwe's neighbours are the only ones who have any power to make a difference.

  2. Denford, read my post on the trippin.. cause no doubt they are TRIP-PIN.. as in Gone Crazy.

    this week we're working on a special faustroll presentation about this clown tour.

    really hillarious this one, without his hairdresser and make up artist. how is he supposed to look sad and beaten down without his props and his daddy ? awwwwww how sadddd..

    believe me, when Faustroll gets his hooks in this it will be sardonic sabor


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