Simba Makoni Says Coalition Government "A Child Born of Rape"

Part of the Zimbabwe Panel at the World Economic Forum. The panel included AGO Mutambara, Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Simba Makoni, president of Mavambo Kusile Dawn, Nigel Chanakira, Head of Kingdom Miekles Africa and Tendai Biti, Minister of Finance in Zimbabwe

Dr Simba Makoni, who was in Cape Town this last week to attend the World Economic Forum told the gathering that the Coalition Government between Mugabe and Tsvangirai is a child born out of rape.

"We love the child, but not the way it was conceived," he said.

He said Kenya and Zimbabwe, two countries that have gone the route of a Unity government, should not be allowed to set bad examples or as he put it, "make virtue out of vice." Makoni was clear that the Unity Government came about only because Mugabe refused to accept electoral defeat.

Nigel Chanakira, who was also in attendance, revealed that, while he has investments in four countries, Zimbabwe is the one that was giving him far better returns than any other.

He told the gathering Zimbabwe is currently the best candidate for recovery and growth in Africa, saying it is underpinned by "the hardest currency in the world", referring to the blend of US dollars, South Africa Rand and British Pound, which are now the official currency in Zimbabwe.

Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara invited business to invest in Zimbabwe in his contribution, saying, "We no longer want to own 100% of a rat, we would rather have 10% of an elephant."

He was referring to the current government's well-known penchant for wanting to control majority stakes in what they consider strategic assets, such as airlines, cellphone companies, Oil companies, Railways Companies and Energy companies, amongst many others.

On concerns about the lack of seriousness by parties to the Unity Government, Mutambara responded by saying the "Unity Government is prize we have to pay for peace."


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