Monkey Urinates On President At Press Conference

President Rupiah Banda, the Zimbabwe-born Zambian Head of State, remonstrates with the monkey that had just urinated on him at the Zambian State House, where he was holding a press conference. Pic Source

A cheeky monkey urinated on President Rubiah Banda of Zambia at a State House press conference yesterday.

No, this is not a joke.

Banda, who had called the press conference to discuss vice-presidential candidates and the Zambian economy, looked up and shouted at the monkey:

"You have urinated on my jacket!"

The press conference was held under a tree in the Zambia State House grounds, where Kaunda famously strolled with Rhodesian PM Ian Smith accompanies by zebra and the other wildlife that is kept there.

Banda was in Zimbabwe in April this year, where he officiated at the opening of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

Born in Zimbabwe, the Zambian president also paid a visit to Gwanda in Matabeleland, where he grew up.

The monkey that urinated on the President Banda apparently made no attempt to run away.

And it was brave of Rupiah, was it not, for him to look up that tree where the monkey was sitting. What if.....



  1. At least he managed to smile =)

  2. ooh gee, we can only dream now.
    denford why did you crush my joy ?

  3. What a wonderful opportunity to heighten Zambia's tourist appeal.

    Zambia, home of VICTOR's Falls, rich wildlife, friendly people; where everything, including President(s) discussing leadership and the economy, is an adventure!

    What fun. The marketing arm of the tourist board ought to run with it!


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