MDC Cabinet Boycott Will Not Be Taken Further

SITTING PRETTY: Robert "The Solution" Mugabe is now supremely confident and secure in his position, thanks to Prime Minister Tsvangirai. None of this is likely to change

Nothing will come of it, of course.

You have, I am sure, heard by now that the MDC-T boycotted cabinet today. They were protesting the moving of cabinet from Tuesday to Monday. They figured the move by Mugabe, who leaves for an African Union Summit in Libya on Tuesday (today), was designed to deny the Prime Minister the opportunity to chair cabinet.

The boycott is mere posturing, of course.

The threat by Deputy PM Thokozani Khupe that the MDC-T reserves the right to disengage from the Coalition government is also hollow and only serves to drive the final nail into any prospects for recovery.

More importantly, though, people must also realise that this is mere posturing, designed to hoodwink the public into thinking the MDC-T has finally retrieved its spine from the trash can.

After all, Simba Makoni is launching his party in a day or so. People have made it clear that they are ready for real change.

Still, it only serves to expose yet again that the MDC-T is all at sea. Prime Minister Tsvangirai told the media over the weekend in South Africa that the MDC-T and ZANU PF will succeed or fail together.

In effect, then, he has tied the fortunes of his party to the fortunes of Mugabe and ZANU PF. Since Mugabe and his party are destined to fail (and the Prime Minister knows this) then it means he has also accepted that he and his party will fail.

Yet today, his Deputy President in the MDC-T was singing a different tune. She even exhumed the issues of Gideon Gono, Johannes Tomana (both of whom Mugabe refuses to fire despite the MDC-T's insistence), governors, ambassadors, Roy was a tour de force.

But we thought the Prime Minister said Bennett and all the other issues are solved? Were we not told by the MDC-T that Bennett would be sworn in around August?

Has that changed?

And if Governors and the like have all been agreed to as announced by the Prime Minister and celebrated by blind MDC-T followers, why are they still an issue?

We thought we heard the MDC-T announce at the weekend that SADC would meet in the first week of July, yet today they were lamenting the fact that SADC won't meet to discuss Zimbabwe?

It is all hot air. Tsvangirai holds absolute sway in the MDC-T right now. He tells them, "You better listen to me" and they listen. He thinks everything is fine. He thinks things are going very well. He would rather ignore the abuses and breaches from ZANU PF and simply paper over the cracks, joking and dining with Mugabe.

His views will carry the day.

As for this boycott posturing. You will hear nothing more of it once the Prime Minister is back at the office.

End of story.


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