A Cold Reception Awaits Tsvangirai From Mugabe In Zimbabwe

Morgan Tsvangirai being welcomed to No. 10 Downing Street by Gordon Brown earlier today. The Zimbabwe PM has now told reporters in London that the British will "not appreciate" Zimbabweans claiming asylum in Britain because "things are fine back home" now

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his office were warned through the official media yesterday as Joice Mujuru flew off to the United States to attend a UN Summit.

They were warned that the Prime Minister's office has breached not only protocol but also the Official Secrets Act, a breach of which constitutes "treason" under current law.


Well, as you all know by now, the state media has all but ignored the Prime Minister's tour overseas (except for today when The Herald splashed on its front the story about Tsvangirai being booed by Zimbabweans in London.)

So Tsvangirai published his own paper, with pictures of him meeting Obama et al. He distributed it free.

The state media has reacted by publishing a story saying the Prime Minister is out of line and that he is going to be hauled over the coals by Mugabe when he returns.

Their line is that the PM was "sent" by Robert "The Solution" Mugabe and Cabinet and should therefore report to them first before telling the whole country that he has met with Obama, Brown, Clinton and all these other world leaders.

Even George Charamba, Mugabe's spokesman, got in on the act, telling The Herald he had seen the paper and his ministry was "looking at what the law says".

It is almost certain that they will take no action against the Prime Minister himself, despite the state media quoting ZANU PF people asking, "What about the Oath of Secrecy?".

But I can assure you, as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, ZANU PF civil servants will pick on a couple of people from the PMs office for investigation and harassment over this once-off newspaper.

People from the PM's office will perhaps even be arrested and charged with crimes related to AIPPA and POSA and even, as the state media alluded to yesterday, "breaching the Official Secrets Act."

But it is also certain that when the persecution of his people starts, the Prime Minister will tell the world that it is all "due process" (just as he is doing with the Jestina Mukoko persecution) and that the law must take its course.

This comes hot on the heels of the Minister of Information, the former Charles Ndlovu (who used to be editor of the ZANU PF newspaper, The People's Voice, who is now known as Webster Shamu, telling the courts in Zimbabwe that Tsvangirai has no power over any minister because he is not Head of Cabinet nor Head of Government, let alone Head of State.

With all this happening, have you now noticed how MDC-T apologists have gone underground, not heard anymore.


  1. Ini ndaneta nezveMDC ini. Ndabvuma zvangu kuti Tsvangirayi wakanyepera vanhu. Pamwe pose ndaimbomurambira asi ndaona kuti haaite. Tichasangana pasarudzo dzinotevera Tsvangirayi. Tichakuratidza kuti hauna kunyatsochenjera. Tsvangirayi atoipa zvachose, haachisiri wekumboteerera.

  2. Tsvangirayi tsika yake ndeyekungorovesa nekusungisa vanhu asina zvaanogona kuzoita kuti avaburitse mukanwa mamupere maanenge avapinza. Varume ngatichenjererei murume anonzi Morgan Tsvangirayi uyu.

  3. Tarisai MatanhireJune 22, 2009 at 3:57 PM

    I for one am sick and tired of Morgan Tsvangirayi. He is so confused. He does not seem to know exactly what he wants in life. It is time he is replaced.

  4. Morgan Tsvangirayi is such an embarassing leader. I wonder if he is even ashamed of himself. Wake up Morgan. The tide has changed now. People are now fed up of your antics.

  5. Hey! Tsvangirayi now says Zimbabwe is safe now because he is a Prime Minister, although without any authority. What a shame. This is a wake up call to all of us.

  6. Hillarious, Moe is rejected by his pimp.. so do you think that he'll shave him bald and put him back out there on the stroll to get his money ?

    that's what they do in the pimpin and hoe'n world - so what's fair fam ? cut his head to the white meat and put his ass on the busiest corner in the world, tell him he betta get them ducats or else.

    and or else could mean him getting it bareback on pay for view.. never doubt that black candle action baby. never. We Be Burnin !!!

  7. What's the story there about the $75 million Obama (shockingly) committed? The claim is that it will not go to the government, but to the people of Zimbabwe (I wonder how?). Has this gotten any coverage there? http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/06/23/AR2009062302029.html

  8. @MtnGrl, yes it has. No one has quite explained how this will work. The idea apparently is to give the money through the UN agencies like UNICEF and other NGOs.

    What they forget is that a good part of that money will have to go to government in forms of taxes and "registration fees".

    Mugabe will get hold of that money, I can assure you, one way or the other, especially now that diamond wealth is being destroyed and threatened with bans.


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