"We Will Eat Your Children" - ZANU PF Thugs To White Farmer

Land invaders, led by a character called "Landmine", broke into the house of Ben Freeth (seen here injured at the SADC Tribunal hearing that ruled in his favour) and threatened to eat his children on Tuesday night this week

The white Zimbabwean farmer who was visited by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara a few weeks back had a torrid Tuesday night this week.

Ben Freeth, who has been beaten up before by Mugabe's land invaders and who has a SADC tribunal ruling in his favour, had burning tyres dragged through his house that night. The invaders beat drums and rang bells, clanging metal objects together to intimidate the farmer.

The leader of the invaders, called Landmine, took the phone Freeth was using to call the police and would not give it back. Police later arrived and "led out" the invaders without arresting them. Landmine returned the phone, according to Freeth, after police asked for it back. 

A little while later, after the police had gone, Landmine and his band returned and this time, Freeth said they shouted that "they would eat our children."

This is part of the "isolated incidents" the Prime Minister talked about, though I doubt Freeth felt it was isolated at all.

It also just happens that today, a source informed me why the new invasions appear to be intensifying.

ZANU PF is getting new farms to give as payment to some of the people they used to beat up the opposition in the June one-man run-off. They also intend to give farms to senior MDC-T officials who do not yet have farms allocated to them.

"They want them to be fully implicated," my source told me.

Still, where does the "eating" of children come into all of this? Should we conclude that these people are witches, since, according to Zimbabwean tradition and folklore, only witches ingest human flesh?

With a farm protected by a SADC Tribunal ruling being subjected to this, what on earth does the Prime Minister's party hope to get from SADC on the issue of Gono and Tomana?

Which is as good a time as any for me to remind you that at his press conference last week, PM Tsvangirai told the media "we have since written to SADC" on the outstanding matter of Gono and Tomana.

As of yesterday, the MDC-T was confirming to SW Radio that the letter has not been sent yet.

They claim it will be sent by the end of the week.

But like I told you before, the PM seems to be playing for time, nodding in agreement with his party while sabotaging their efforts to take the matter to SADC.


  1. Woza ! look at that the witches are revealing themselves. the Black Candle is Almost Done today.. and soon the deeds will pile up.


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