Twist and Shout

Life Goes On........while the MDC-T twsts and shouts over "outstanding" (and grandstanding issues). Above is the start of the tobacco auction in Harare, where a lot of twisting and shouting is also being done, but more profitably

He he he he.

"All outstading issues have been resolved," Prime Minister Tsvangirai said at the weekend.

An announcement was allegedly to be made at the cabinet meeting today, Tuesday. And then the PM was going to tell parliament in a special address what these things agreed on are.

Mugabe and ZANU PF today revealed just how far away from a resolution of these issues we are. They used The Herald to do this.

The State says it "understands" that Ambassdors are off-limits to Tsvangirai. They claim that highly placed sources in government told them ambassadors are career diplomats, professional types who are not bound by any political agreement.

These professional types who were drafted into the civil service through ZANU PF structures, mind you. Otherwise, we mus ask if you have ever seen an ad in the paper or even an internal advert within the Civil Service asking for applications for these career posts?

If they were career posts, then this what you do to fill them.

This same argument, we can be certain, is also being put forward with regards the Permanent Secretaries. (They were "null and void", these permanent secretaries, according to Tsvangirai. And that almost three months ago.)

Today, we were told that the meeting to discuss outstanding issues has been moved to tomorrow.

Twist and Shout time.

Slowly, the naton is witnessing the spectatcle of the MDC-T swinging in the wind, hung from the tallest tree in the land: The Prime Ministerial Office.

Of course, the PM has said that there is no deadline to Mugabe on this matter. Effectively, he is aware that he has to play Mugabe's game. And Mugabe says "no one threatens me." The PM says "Yes, Baba."

While these "issues" are still outstanding, perhaps the Prime Minister can add another outstanding issue to the ones already on the table. This being the recent sentencing of an MDC Member of Parliament to ten months in prison WITH HARD LABOUR (that was a particularly gratuitous act, an act not of justice but vengeance).

General Chiwengwa did warn them, as I told you on this blog in the article "General Chiwengwa Now Issuing Political Orders".

The MDC-T likes to talk tough but then not back that with any action. This works very well with empty heads. They tend to mistake the tough talk for tough action.

"Null and Void!" And they cheer.

"Mugabe Must Go." And they cheer and repeat.
Well, The Prime Minister at the weekend changed this one and shouted, "Mugabe Must Stay!"

Still they cheered!!

"Ultimatum!" Again we hear cheers. But Monday has come and gone. The PM has said there is no deadline. Since he is Mugabe's spokesman now, (He does all the talking on behalf of the MDC-PF government while Mugabe remains quiet), this means that his views (government and not party views) carry the day.

Come Wednesday, to when will they postpone the next meeting of the Principals?

To next week, most likely. Just so Mugabe can show the MDC-T that its National Council ultimatum means nothing to him. He will prevaricate until the Council meets on Sunday. He is enjoying watching Tendai Biti and company twist and shout.

I can tell you he is desperately hoping that, at that National Council meeting, they will pick up their toys and decide to go and play by themselves.


  1. Existing legislation can be repealed or amended, and new legislation enacted by simple Parliamentary majority. Now, perhaps my ignorance of the GPA has got the better of me, but is there a reason why the MDC in this Parliament has no legislative agenda? Jameson Timba bemoaned the arrest of journalists on the basis of existing bad laws. Now, why does the MDC not repeal AIPPA, POSA, BSA and that Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act with its preposterous 'crime' of 'insulting the president'? Why is there no Democratic Change on the legislative front? Why is the political agenda of compromise - in which the MDC is actually the one doing the compromising - more important than the legislative, which allows the MDC to use the only REAL power it has?

  2. Taurayi ChiredzoMay 13, 2009 at 7:41 PM

    I am now convinced that MDC-T is nothing but just a bunch of untested leaders who think that lying is the only way to go about political business. When we were listening to these guys before, during and after the March 2008 campaign period, we thought MDC-T had the capacity to end our woes which we had endured for the past decade. How wrong we were by then? But come next election time, we are going to put MDC-T, ZANU PF and MDC in their proper positions (political dustbin).Ladies and gentlemen, my advise is that let us start REGISTERING as VOTERS NOW to those that have not done so, in order that when the next elections come, we vote Mugabe, Tsvangirayi and Mutambara out.


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