"It's Fantastic", says Tsvangirai as His Supporters Are Locked Up

Mini-Me: Tsvangirai is increasingly sounding and behaving like Mugabe now. This last week, he was at it again in an interview published by the Zimbabwe Independent in which he said Home Affairs was working fantastically, presumably referring to the continued harassment of his supporters by the police and the judiciary

Here's a shocking excerpt from an interview Tsvangirai had last week and published by the Zimbabwe Independent on Friday:

Peta: During negotiations you demanded control of Home Affairs and the police but you reluctantly settled for sharing it with Zanu PF. How has that worked?

Tsvangirai: It has worked fantastically. The two ministers have worked very co-operatively together.

So, what about Jestina Mukoko? And Ghandi Mudzingwa, who complained bitterly against the MDC-T Minister of Home Affairs when he was rearrested?

Tsvangirai: The recent arrests were not political arrests. They were procedural matters. If you are given bail in a lower court and then indicted to a higher court for trial, you have to negotiate a new bail condition. This is the mishap that occurred, especially with the case of Jestina Mukoko and others. These were not re-arrests but just a mishap to deal with their being indicted to a higher court. Either existing or new bail conditions had to be instituted. Once the state has charged people and you try to interfere, there will then be accusations that you are trying to interfere with the due process of the law. We say, well let the law take its course but it must take its course not selectively but in all cases. I don’t believe the charges (against Mukoko and others) are valid. But they have to go through the due process. If it’s harassment, it will be proven in a court of law. I went through the same process being accused of treason but in the end I was acquitted. But the issue is that if the state believes it has a case, then it should bring people to trial speedily.

"The recent arrests were not political arrests"? Really?

These people were abducted, imprisoned unlawfully for months, no one knowing where they were. They were tortured. They are accused of plotting banditry on behalf of the Prime Minister of the country and the interviewee here.

Not political?

Due process?

Tsvangirai also as good as confirmed what I have been telling you on this blog for months now: that the parties to the agreement have decided to make this Inclusive Thing of theirs last five years.

Tsvangirai says in the interview: "We will consider the issue of elections after 18 months." When all this began, Tsvangirai told his supporters and the country that there would be elections after 2 years.

Now he says they will only consider the issue? And when you read his comments, it is clear that he is hinting at elections not being held as promised. He says they can do this because, "Election dates were not defined in the GPA".

If there was still anybody who doubted just thoroughly Tsvangirai has been co opted into the ZANU PF thinking, they only need to read the interview to see the light.

This is the now infamous interview in which he referred to continued farm invasions as "so-called farm invasions" and dismissed the whole issue as a storm in a tea cup.

Take special note of his comments that Zimbabweans "are grateful" for the US$100 they get as pay for civil servants.

It is becoming increasingly difficult, isn't it, to tell which is the pig and which is the human? Long Live Animal Farm!


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