All Mugabe's Appointees Reinstated

25 February 2009: Morgan Tsvangirai, flanked by Arthur Mutambara, announces that the appointments of Permanent Secretaries are null and void. Yesterday, he capitulated and ALL of Mugabe's Permanent Secretaries have been reappointed, as announced by the Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr Misheck Sibanda.

Tsvangirai has accepted this, driving his National Council even crazier with rage that he would accept such a slap in the face.

Every single Permanent Secretary appointed by Mugabe has been reinstated and confirmed in the post, President Mugabe's Office said last night.

On Tuesday, in a meeting of the Principals soon after Cabinet, Mugabe asked Mariyawanda Nzuwa, Chairman of the Public Service Commission and Misheck Sibanda, Secretary to the President and Cabinet, to come in and explain to Tsvangirai why none of his suggested nominees were qualified to be permanent secretaries of any ministry

They did this

Mugabe then threw in a sweetener and said he would give the MDC-T some Principal Directorships. Tsvangirai accepted this as a fair deal.

What it exposes is that the MDC-T simply wants space at the feeding trough, jobs for their boys. Mugabe read Tsvangirai right and, by offering the lesser posts of Principal Directors, he has provided that space at the trough.

Tsvangirai is satisfied with this because it allows even more of his cronies to join the gravy train.

So, even as Nelson Chamisa said, "Their appointments are null and void", the Prime Minister has relented and finally agreed that they are indeed no null and void.

That score that we were keeping from a month or so back is now active again.

This Thursday morning, it reads:

Mugabe: 3 Tsvangirai: 0


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