Tsvangirai Condition and Whereabouts A Mystery Right Now

This is a screen grab from the video shown on Zimbabwe TV last night, showing President Mugabe visiting Morgan Tsvangirai in hospital. With him were Mrs Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Webster Shamu(ZANU & minister of information), Gideon Gono, Priscilla Mushonga, Joice Mujuru and other ZANU PF ministers

These are photo of the car in which Tsvangirai was travelling when he was involved in the accident that killed his wife. The other pictures I have wont load at the moment, Internet connection is atrocious this afternoon in Zimbabwe

This morning, there are reports here in Harare that Morgan Tsvangirai was moved overnight to the Presidential Clinic at State House or Manyame Air Force Base Hospital. All of a sudden, the MDC itself as well as the Zimbabwe government, have become tight-lipped and the whole nation is tense and suspicious.

There are indications that the government of Zimbabwe is now moving to implicate the American government in the fatal crash.

First, it has been confirmed that the truck that hit their car was hired by the American aid agency, USAID, to ferry maize aid.

Second, the government and MDC officials have also now confirmed that the Landcruiser seen above, which was Tsvangirai's party vehicle, was bought from the American Embassy by the MDC.

It appears that these "facts" have convinced the MDC to agree to the Mugabe government moving Tsvangirai to another treatment facility where the environment can be controlled and where the medical staff are all known to be loyal, meaning that the government fears that medical staff at Avenues Clinic could easily be "bought" or influenced.

What is certain right now is that the MDC appears to be buying into the government slant that this whole thing is fishy and the fishiness smells of American involvement.

They are saying the USA government was unhappy with Tsvangirai's move to join Mugabe in government.

The US ambassador, who wanted to visit the injured Tsvangirai, was barred from seeing him on orders from the government, I am told. 

Last night, Tsvangirai was shown in Zimbabwe television lying in bed surrounded by Mugabe, Mugabe's wife, ZANU PF Vice-president Joice Mujuru, Webster Shamu, the ZANU PF minister of Information and Publicity, Gideon Gono, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga and Welshaman Ncube, both ministers from the MDC faction that broke away from Tsvangirai's main MDC party.


  1. This is worrying news, Denford. Please keep us posted. We do not want to hear that Morgan has also died due to complications etc. etc. It's baffling for anyone to trust ZANU PF.




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