Grace Mugabe Punched Me Repeatedly - British Journalist

Grace Mugabe apparently flew into a rage when she saw a British photographer waiting outside her five-star hotel in Hong Kong. So incensed was she that she beat the photographer black and blue, causing abrasions and cuts to his face and head with her diamond rings.

Richard Jones, the British photographer who was assaulted by Mugabe yesterday, says when she saw him standing outside the Kow Loon Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong and snapping away at her, she told one of her bodyguards to deal with him.

The bodyguard approached Jones and wrestled with him, trying to take away his camera. Grace Mugabe then walked over and while the bodyguard held Jones, Grace slapped him and punched him repeatedly in the face. 

"She was completely deranged, absolutely raging with anger."

After the fight was broken up by Hotel security, Mr Jones says another group of "African bodyguards" came after him. But they were prevented from coming near him by security at a near-by building.

Jones was taken to hospital where he says he was "diagnosed as suffering from cuts, bruises and abrasions to the head and face."

Grace's favourite shop is still Harrods, in London. Although she is banned from travelling to Europe and America, she actually still shops there. Groceries, handbags, shoes, and a host of other things are still being bought at Harrods by Grace. The way she does this is simple: She uses staff at the Zimbabwe Embassy onThe Strand. There is apparently a specific woman at the Embassy, called Dorothy, whom Grace uses for this purpose.

Grace herself phones up Harrods and places orders for what she wants. She has been in that store many times and apparently has their catalogues sent to her by the embassy. After ordering, she is told how much she owes. The money comes from Zimbabwe, according to what I am told by sources in the president's office.

Grace hands the cash over to one of two employees of Air Zimbabwe, which flies directly to London. Ten hours later, Dorothy will recieve the cash at the airport in London. She then goes and pays for the goods, collects them and sends them to the airport. Air Zimbabwe picks them up on their return trip to Zimbabwe and the goods are delievered to Grace. So the banning from Europe has not in the least bit affected her, except maybe in the sense that she can't be there in person for impulse buying! All that the sanctions have saved us is Grace's airfare to London.

Even then, I am sure Dorothy at the Embassy as well as the Air Zimbabwe employees get a good commission, which gobbles up what the country saves from not having Grace fly to London.

The Hong Kong case has been reported to police, who say they will be studying the footage from the Hotel's CCTV system, which apparently caught the whole thing on tape. AFP Report the story here

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  1. Yes welcome to Hollywood style.Well Mr Journalist was very luck to taste an African woman punch. If your are a true journalist ,these are the hazards you should always plan for.
    Imagine if the bodyguards had manhandled...broken ribs, leg.
    You think the International Journalist would .....shit think of doing anything besides publishing it in there respective electronic media houses.

    Tsvatuwaro .....ndini uyo....

    If you cant play politics game dont be a cry baby.


  2. Well, I live in the neighbouring country and totally against what Grace Mugabe did. What can I say, it would have sound better if Grace Mugabe hit a Zimbabwean photographer in Zimbabwe. Disturbing is the fact that she hit a photographer from another country in another country, very disrespectful. I think african women, no matter what status shouldnt go around hitting men for no good reasons

  3. grace Mugabe shame on you! You guys are there just to put our country down. grace Mugabe and Robert will never surrender until all Zimbabweans are dead or leave the counrty

    He is not my president


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