Zimbabwe Police Versus The Zimbabwe Army - Is this War?

Only minutes ago I witnessed three policemen being kicked, yes kicked, by a group of soldiers near the main bus station in Harare city centre. The bus stop is close to the Main Police Station in the capital.
The three policemen, one of whom was already bleeding, were thrown into the back of a Puma truck, an armoured vehicle used by the army in Zimbabwe. The truck sped off along Kenneth Kaunda Avenue with the policemen in the back. Immediately afterwards, a group of policemen came out of the Main Station and I asked one of them, a reserve force member (they wear the greyish uniform) what was happening. I asked if they had provoked the soldiers. He did not stop as he answered me, but I think his answer is revealing. He simply said, "Ah, ndezvenyika izvi..", meaning, "It's about politics..." He was told to shut up by one of his fellow officers, who was wearing the reflective sleeves of the traffic police.

I am definitely going to follow this one up. I need to get to the true story. This has been happening too much this week. On Thursday, from my 9th floor office window, I was with some members of the Provincial leaders of our movement when we saw an army truck pull up at Fourth Street Roadport. The soldiers in the back just jumped out and started beating up policemen, scattering everybody in view. One of the policemen escaped by jumping onto the back of a moving pick-up truck at the traffioc lights by along Fourth Street. Something is up. I WILL find out what. The Herald says today that the soldiers we saw beating up people have been arrested, so what about the ones I saw today. This is a bigger story than anyone thinks. Even the government mouthpiece, The Hereald says the soldiers were piqued at failing to access cash.
And to think they have always been so disciplined! I think Gono is ari kusikira Mugabe wake moto muziso.


  1. i see what you are trying to do, and "analysis" has be in-depth, but could you not just post very short summaries of your analysis and set up an email service for readers to subscribe to the longer analyses.
    We have fallen in love with this blog here in PE and its why you feature in the "Most Popular Blogs In Port Elizabeth"!

  2. Hey, SA calling. Nice thoughtful stuff here!

  3. why don't you just kick Tsvangirai out. Honestly, this is getting too much. I am not in Zim, but you cant have him imitating Bob, running all over the world and fattening himself up. Compromise is the name of the game. I agree with your recent poll, just form a govenment because people are dying. Bit who is being punished by Mr Morgan's refusal to join government? Is he punishing Mugabe or the people of Zimbabwe with that attitude. Look at the reult of your current poll: people want a government and Mr Morgan is not reading their messages!
    Honestly, this is too much now Either force him to do good by the people of ZImbabwe and set up a government or stop bothering us, complaining all the time. We have had enough of Zimbabe's shit!



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