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I got this off Thought Leader, on Michael Trapido's blog. It is one of the comments during a discussion on his article, which dealt with Mugabe and the next move South Africa should take. I thought it striking for its calm and calculated assesment and realistic, if not fatalistic, observations. There is no emotion here. Just reason:

"You people just don't get it, Zimbabwe is not a province of South Africa.
Motlanthe is in no position to impose himself on Mugabe, Mswati or anybody outside the Republic of South Africa.

Poor Motlanthe must now press or insist that Zanu-PF must give Home Affairs portfolio to MDC?

Motlanthe can suggest this, what if Mugabe tells him to go to hell? He just pissed on Kofi Annan and Jimmy Carter.

Lyndall you are departing from a premise that SA is holding Mugabe by his nuts, which is a little bit exaggerated. Sometimes your logic is very disappointing.
When Mbeki was president, Mugabe had the Chinese propping him up, now he seems to have very little options and no international friends, with time and patience him and his cronies will have very little manoeuvre its only a function of time and political shrewdness on the part of the mediator, although Angola remains his biggest ally-the real power and influence rests with the Security Apparatus in that country.

Tsvangarai can have political power today, but no control, ask Victor Yutshcenko of Ukraine, take a political lesson from the invasion of Iraq, the two political simile to the Zimbabwean situation.

Lets all get a grip and for once be realistic, lets not rationalise the situation through the prism of your race, ideology or what you think is right, but more by what is possible.

You are all like Chalabi who fed the US establishment a lot of embellished nonsense prior to the invasion of Iraq until they discovered after that he was just a liar and the situation in Iraq was nothing like what he has been paid billions for and the audience of influential people both in Capitol Hill and the Pentagon.
We are all armchair critics intoxicated by passion and very far removed from the real fire."
You can read the whole interesting story here.


  1. Simba is the current leader with a vision who can be trusted to lead zimbabwe out of this mess.Tsvangison is confused how come he was duped into signing an incomplete and vague document?That spells out his short sightedness and failing to think outside the box which is instrumental when dealing with the zimbabwean monster in the name of Mugabe.People don't support mdc but they were desperate for leadership,now that the real leader has emerged no doubt ,come elections the party led by Simba will romp to a convincing victory.Simba and Obama's America have some common features,both have charisma and vision.please we now longing for the launch of our political party.I'm one of those who rushed to register when I head that Simba was running for presidency in March 2008,and I voted for the first time in my life.Simba you are our biblical moses lead us out of egypt.


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