Thai Riot Police Flee From Protesters - An Unthinkable Thing In Zimbabwe

"Thai riot police fled their checkpoint outside Bangkok's besieged international airport on Saturday when they were attacked by several hundred armed anti-government protesters.
Some 150 officers stationed half a mile down the expressway leading to Suvarnabhumi airport's terminal piled into their vehicles and left as a convoy of demonstrators drove towards them.
As the police vehicles passed, the protesters hurled firecrackers at them and took swings at their windscreens with iron bars.Yesterday 2,000 riot police were deployed around the airport, suggesting they were about to evict members of the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) who have occupied the terminal since Tuesday. The occupation has forced the cancellation of all flights.
An estimated 2,000 protesters have barricaded themselves into Suvarnabhumi airport and Bangkok's second airport, Don Muang.
Thousands of stranded passengers are waiting in nearby hotels for the four-day-old standoff to end, but Thailand's airport authority said Suvarnabhumi would remain closed until at least 6pm on Monday."
If Zimbabwe had a truly courageous official opposition party that valued democracy over the good life, could this happen here? Could it? Whose fault is it that it is not happening? It would be idiotic to say it's Mugabe's fault that we are proving to be so cowardly. It is the leaders of the oppressed, opining from foreign capitals, deserting those who voted for them, is it not?
Simba Makoni, if he had been given the votes of the people, would he be behaving in this fashion, leaving his 2 million supporters to face Mugabe's music alone, unsupported, uncared for?


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