"It's Your Own Fault, Zimbabweans And You Will Die A Slow, Terrible Death!"

Our media monitoring department drew my attention today to a post in which this blog was mentioned at allafrica.com. This was in relation to the aborted visit by Jimmy Carter, Graca Machel and Kofi Annan. The article itself is a shameless and vitriolic attack on Kofi Annan, calling him an errand boy of the white man, amongst other things. We are mentioned because our analysis of Sunday's events published on this blog yesterday is officially confirmed here by Robert Mugabe's mouthpiece, The Herald.
Anyway, on the comments section of the Zimbabwe story, I came across the most extraordinary posting I have seen in some time and which reinforces the view that the world is not only losing patience with our so-called "leaders" but also with the people of Zimbabwe themselves.

People out there fail to understand just how Mugabe can stay in power against the wishes of a majority. It is for this reason that some black americans will support Mugabe. It is the same reason why other African people take a break from setting Mozambicans on fire only to applaud Mugabe's speeches at world fora.

They ask how he can remain if people no longer want him. I have seen so many people attempt to explain to outsiders just how this is so: we are educated, we were trained to be servile by Ian Smith, we are traditionally conditioned not to rock the boat and treat the leader's word as the last on any matter......The excuses are endless. But no one is listening.

The extraordinary comment I am talking about is also clearly racist and does nothing to help the cause of democracy in Zimbabwe. Any opponent of Mugabe would be embarrassed to be supported by such people.The writer, writing under the name Proudly South African, states, amongst other things: "For anybody suffering in Zimbabwe - IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT!!!!!!!! Get rid of that IDIOT MUGABE! NOt the Western World nor the rest of Africa is to blame but the Zimbabweans themselves. YOU have ruined your own economy and up until you realise that your own inaction/stupidity is to blame nothing will change and you will die a slow, terrible death...."

This Proud South African, who has either disabled spellcheck on his computer or is too lazy to bother, then signs off by stating, and here I quote verbatim again: "African policies (Please read BLack if you so please) is devoid of any intelect (sic) and by trying to blame everyone or anything else is just another sign of your AFRICAN incompetance (sic)!"

It is people like these who do damage to the cause of Zimbabwe and provide Mugabe with fodder to maintain that he is the victim of an Anglo-Saxon racist conspiracy. And we certainly do not need supporters of our cause with this kind of thinking. But, hey , this is a free world, except in Zimbabwe, and we grant the man his right to wallow in his racism and poison his children and grandchildren and generations to come. But light will inevitably come to his gene pool one day, unless he encourages inbreeding within his family for the next hundred generations!!!
You can find the article here


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