"Another Zimbabwe Police Station Bombed - Soldiers Arrested"

Morris Depot, Zimbabwe's Police Headquarters was bombed early yesterday, according to The Times. Locally the bombing was not reported at all, although this may change this morning. The report says the bomb ripped through the offices of the CID (Criminal Investigations Department) and Interpol.

It is almost certainly the work of some soldiers, two of whom have since been arrested.

Says The Times: “All documents related to car clearances and other investigations have been destroyed,” said a police sergeant.
He said the police had arrested some soldiers in connection with the blast but he could not say how many.
The suspects were from a nearby army barracks, known as KG Six, situated behind Morris depot.
“We are still waiting for more details,” said the source.
Initial investigations suggest the suspects bombed the offices in an attempt to destroy evidence linking them to a theft case.
The police have declined to make any official comment on the blast, which occurred inside a high security area.
This is the second time a police station has been bombed in the past few months. On August 2, a bomb exploded on the second floor of the Harare Central police station.
At the time, police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri said: “We are convinced that, as an organisation, we might not come out clean on the bombing issue.”
The blast at the central police station also targeted the CID office, where other unexploded devices were found.
“Destruction is not the solution. Anyone with a grievance should come to my office so that it will be addressed,” said Chihuri.
Last night police at Morris depot were placed on high alert.

This is certainly an organised thing, but one with a criminal motive rather than a political one. There's one novel way to destroy evidence of your crimes or stop investigations into your criminal activities dead in their tracks.

Zimbabwe, experiencing the biggest economic meltdown of any country on earth, has also been a haven for car thieves, mainly operating out of South Africa and these are said to have connections at the highest levels of government in order to bypass border controls.

In the last couple of months, police had been involved in an operation to smoke out all the imported cars in Zimbabwe with dubious import records and those that were not registered. Thieves had cottoned on to the idea of simply going to junkyards, ripping number plates off abandoned and write-off cars. These would then be stuck onto their smuggled vehicles, The rest of the paperwork was done by their connections in government.


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