Bigots Not Allowed

We are fighting to achieve a truly Great Zimbabwe. We are fighting for the right of Zimbabweans to free speech. We are fighting for real democracy. We do not believe that fighting Robert Mugabe automatically makes a person or entity Godly. 

We have no sacred cows.

We should then ask why supporters of the MDC are so scared of opinions that do not sing the praises of their leadership. Why are they so afraid of free speech. You will find in the comments forum of my previous post, "The New MDC Strategy, Zimbabwe's Tragedy", a comment from an "anonymous" who has torn a page out of the ZANU bible and is threateningly informing the blog that we should not criticise Tsvangirai.

Why not?

There are good reasons to criticise him if we so choose. He is neither infallible nor God. He is not Lord and master of the universe. His party, which has been fighting and losing against Mugabe since 2000 is proving incapable of delivering the killer blow. This blog believes that this is down to a lack of proper strategic superiority on the part of those in whom Zimbabwe has reposed its hope for a brighter future.

Only in the world of ZANU PF do you get the mentality that criticising the president of the party is enough reason to be killed. Only there do you find the attitude that the party president is on par with God and criticism of him is tantamount to criticism of God.

We reject such nonsense. And where we disagree, we will speak out. Because we are mot zombies, we are not rats to the Pied Piper's sweet music. We will not commit moral suicide by mortgaging our brains to popular opinion or conformist behaviour.

We choose to actually use our brains, but we do not seek to force anyone who chooses not use his to follow our example.

This is a news and opinion blog, and there is no such thing a wrong opinion. All one can do is offer a different opinion.

In that spirit, let us talk about real issues and stop trying to muzzle free speech. Let us not fear interrogating the leadership we have in Zimbabwe. Let freedom ring, then. Fear not to express your views and your ideas. This is the Republic of the Free Thinking Zimbabwean. It is an elite club. And we welcome you, each and every one.


  1. I think that is the weakness we have as Africans...that mentality that if someone can do something then that person is different from you and me, that is why some respectable men who are fathers, even grandfathers say that Mugabe is God. I think MDC came at a time when people were prepared to accept anything other than ZANU PF that's why many do not want anyone to point out its weaknesses like an autocratic leader who would cling to power despite not being able to win in two consecutive presidential races. A good leader is not afraid of critism whether positive or negative. It's only in Zim were you can be thrown in jail for saying something negative about a president like he's some form of God.


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