Four Escape Death As ZANU PF Goes On The Rampage In Mashonaland Central

Jabulani Sibanda (left as you look at the picture), seen here with self-styled Commander of Farm Invasions, Joseph Chinotimba, presided over a meeting in rural Zimbabwe where orders were issued to kill all MDC office bearers in the area. MDC officials have now fled the province and are being houses in safe houses in Harare, too scared to go back, after their homes were raided by gun-totting gangs the night of the meeting.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 19 November 2009

On Friday 13 November, just a few days ago, Jabulani Sibanda, the leader of War veterans in Zimbabwe, held a meeting at Chawarura Business Centre in the rural ZANU PF stronghold of Muzarabani. It was resolved at the meeting to kill all MDC officials in Mashonaland Central province.

The meeting was also attended by Chief Chiweshe as well as a District Administrator from the area, identified today as Mike Mazai (eggs).

That very night, around midnight, six men, two of them heavily armed, stormed the home of the MDC Muzarabani District Secretary Kiswell Masimbisa , but he had already fled after being warned of the ZANU PF resolution.

The gang then proceeded to the homes of the MDC vice-chairman in the area and the Organising Secretary. The MDC-T is now claiming that sources within ZANU PF, whom it can not name, have said that these acts are being carried out by ZANU PF youths who are on government payroll as ghost workers.

"They have been told to execute their orders without fearing any consequences. They must not hesitate because they are fully protected."

The impunity with which these acts are being carried out, and the reluctance by the police to intervene, make a mockery of the "Healing and Reconciliation" process launched by Mugabe and Tsvangirai a couple f months back in Harare.

There are ministers in charge of the national healing process in the offices of Mugabe, P Tsvangirai and Deputy PM Arthur Mutambara. Yet these acts continue as if nothing has changed in government.

I told you two weeks ago on this blog that Jabulani Sibanda was in the area of Chiweshe where he was telling villagers that if they thought a beating on the buttocks was bad last year, "next time, it will be a bullet to the head" for anyone supporting Morgan Tsvangirai

Ian Kay, the MDC Welfare Secretary, had written to the Minister of Youth, ZANU PF's Saviour Kasukuwere, citing these acts by Sibanda and calling on the Minister to call off the ZANU PF youths if the country was to avoid a repeat of the June election run-off.

Despite all this going on, MDC-T apologists still insist that "there is not going to be any violence in the next election. No one will fight for Mugabe anymore."

The level of delusional thinking in the opposition party has meant that it has failed to plan properly for the eventuality that is now unfolding. They thought that the swearing-in of Morgan Tsvangirai meant that "ava panyanga" - "e is now in charge".

Clearly, he is not. ZANU PF is on a coordinated campaign to prepare for the next election. An ill-prepared Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC-T will be terrorised into submission, especially in the rural areas.

Sibanda, who presided over the meeting that passed the death sentences on MDC officials in Muzarabani and Mashonaland Central, is Mugabe's hatchet man. He was used in December 2007 by Mugabe to intimidate anyone who was seeking to challenge the president for the post of ZANU PF leader at that party's congress, where Simba Makoni had intended to stand against him.

No nominations were allowed apart from Mugabe's and Sibanda menacingly stationed bleary-eyed youths, some reeking of alcohol, at the exists to the conference venue in order to intimidate delegates as Mugabe's army of women's league members sang his praises.

A violent and bruising election encounter is on the cards. Of that you can be certain.


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