1. Thokozile says:

    I am very much concerned about the appointment of Biti as finance Minister, not because I doubt on his abilities, but because of the apparent tense, or bad or sour relations with the governor of RBZ. Will they be able to work together harmoniously. Though RBZ governor hasn't said much or displayed any ill-feelings towards Biti, I wonder how Biti perceives him. Morgan should have considered that, though Biti wanted a powerful ministry as a seniour member of the party and did not want to share Home affairs with Zanu PF, I think there were no other options, otherwise Biti was going to go alone or may be split the party. But President Mugabe will defend Gono's job at all costs, we are going to see drama.

  1. Denford says:

    @Thoko, This is very true. In fact I had initially decided to headline the article: Tsvangirai announces Death Of GNU because of this!!

    Tsvangirai has decided to take the confrontational approach here and this will start with Gono. As you rightly point out, Mugabe will never allow Gono to be fired.

    At the same time, Biti will never be happy to work with Gono at all, whom he said should be shot by a firing squad and whom he called a Financial Terrorist!!

    There are bruising battles ahead and we will see these

  1. Denford,
    Sorry for being off topic:
    I put your blog on the Chain of friends of Internations. Hope this is okay for you.
    Without Entrecard we receive already at least 150 unique visitors a day and often quoted by CNN, CBS, ABC, Yahoo Answers etc.
    It's a privilge to have such an informative and honest blog on our blogroll. Keep on doing the good work.
    Dutch in Istanbul

  1. Thokozile says:

    You are right Denford, It is actually a confrontational approach. I think we can draw lessons from previous scenarios where RBZ governor and Finance Minister had not so sound working relations. That is Herbert Murerwa and DR Gono, what was the result? Was it Chris Kuruneri and Dr Gono again, what was the result again?
    We are also told Biti was against the inclusive gvt, will he use any friction he might have with the system to justify his long held view, that they (MDC) should never go to bed with Zanu PF.Its like we are going to be hearing at any slightest disagreement Biti saying I told you so, this doesn't work. He may work to prove his position and have him vindicated, rather than working towards having the union succeed.

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