This latest news is about this very blog.

Reconstitution, an incisive American website run by Jolly Roger has just voted Denford Magoras Zimbabwe Blog one of the Top Five Reads for Amnesty Day.

In voting for this blog as one of his top Five, Jolly Roger says:

"Denford Magora’s Zimbabwe Blog will give you a view of the troubles in Zimbabwe that you absolutely will not receive from any media that I know of. Hear about the struggle for freedom from the strugglers THEMSELVES. I’ve been hooked on this one since I first opened it up. The background that Denford puts into every post will make your understanding of both Zimbabwe and southern Africa far stronger."

It is great to recieve such high praise from one of the most intelligent blogs on the internet.

On another note, most of you already know that the blog is also listed on Entrecard, a massive directory of blogs and sites designed to allow bloggers to advertise their blogs on other blogs all over the world.

Today is Entrecard's Top Droppers Day. The idea is for each blog listed to acknowledge their fellow bloggers who have visited their site the most in the last thirty days.

So here goes, my own list of my top Entrecard droppers is follows:

  1. 1. Two blogs are tied at Number One, having visited my site 20 times in the last 31 days and these are Internations Musing, a brilliant multi-national started by Hans de Wit, a Dutch living in Turkey and written by Turkish, American, Dutch and Greek writers and All That Is Necessary, a  blog written by Kirk Petersen out in New Jersey, United States. Petersen's is a conservative blog that seeks to hold elected officials to account
  2. In second place, there is also a tie of THREE blogs, these being SEO, a blog about how to optimise your site for better results, Politics 2000, a blog that concentrates on American politics, news, opinion and analysis and Viewpoint Publication, a blog from the Philipines.
  3. In Third Place is PoliticUS, an American blog on politics, followed by
  4. Political Conservatives, another American blogger writing from a conservative viewpoint on American politics and 
  5. A three-blog tie for 5th position being: The Real Rebel, authored by Richard M, from Kingston upon Hull in the United Kingdom, In The Presence Of Vulture, written by an idealist in the United States and Speak Wealth Now, a motivational blog.
Visit them and take a look around, it is wonderful mixed bag that I myself visit routinely and I am learning a lot about life, politics and business.......

All in all, not a bad way to end the week in which Morgan Tsvangirai gave in and agreed to join Robert Mugabe in Government, to form a new entity, a government run by a new party, from now on to be kown as MDC-PF.

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  1. You did good....Great posts you have here! Keep it up...

  2. Denford thank you for your honesty and absolute accuracy on all your accounts of events, you never fail! I listen to your words closely and pass them on....a great compatriate we will overcome the evil that surrounds us...without any doubt, and its always that the truth that prevails, people like yourself you can give honest to the state of elaborate encounters of wht is taking place...we of course pass on the information...

    Thankyou for you dedication to the cause of just the most simple thing "allowing Zimbabweans to be free....free and fair elections! Let us go this way forget any UNITY .... hahaha Government....Mugabe is not going to have the last laugh, we are all far too intelligent for his false gasses now....he has had his fill and that goes with those in cohoets with him the laugh is for a dying man...and his party..

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  4. Thanks for the mention -- and for spelling my name correctly! Take care of yourself.


  5. You deserve all the praise you get for providing us with a detailed, accurate picture of what is happening in Zimbabwe today. Keep up the good work.


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