Obama says He's "Reviewing" America's Approach To Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is in the latest news from the USA again. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton announced through her spokesman yesterday that the Obama Administration was "reviewing the overrall situation in Zimbabwe". This was in response to a journalist who asked whether the Obama Administration's approach would be different to the Bush one, which "was to increasingly isolate Mugabe by imposing more sanctions on him..."

In the same press conference, Woods also told reporters that, "We have encouraged South Africa to do as much as it can to put pressure on Mugabe to do the right thing. But to date, Mugabe does not seem to have any interest whatsoever in bringing an end to the crisis. The regime has no interest in trying to bring about good governance and democractic government."

"We are very troubled," said the Clinton spokesman, "by the fact that the Mugabe regime refuses to negotiate seriously with the opposition.

Senator Clinton is very focused on this issue. She is very concerned about it. Obviously we are going to be reviewing the situation in Southern Africa to see what we can do."

The striking thing here is the expression of an intent to act. To DO something. 

Wood urged SADC, and especially South Africa, to put more pressure on both Zimbabwean parties to reach and agreement.

Perhaps much hope should not be put into this. It is likely that the dialogue of the deaf between Robert Mugabe's  regime and the  American government will continue as if Bush never left.  As I write this, the talks are said to be unlikely to yield any result.

An MDC spokesman told reporters in South Africa just before 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon that the parties were now further apart than they had been before Monday's summit.
The story is from Reuters

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  2. I wouldn't get too excited about this. As I said to you privately, the US military (no matter which of our two major parties is in charge) really only goes places where we have interests. Those interests are usually financial/corporate although sometimes they're political (our bogus "war on terror"). I can't think of any interest we have in the Zimbabwe situation, so I find it unlikely that we will intercede.


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