Apparent Massive Mobile Phone Recharge Card Scam- Buyer Beware!

An urgent message to all of you reading this here in Zimbabwe. It appears that there is a calculated, massive scam going on with recharge cards. So far, I can only confirm Harare. Between 9a.m. until now, I have been contacted by 7 people who have all bought dud recharge cards on the streets. One had bought $190 million worth of recharge cards, trying to hedge against inflation. The others all had bought "juice cards" amounts of not less than $50 million.
I thought I should tell you all about this urgently. There have been dud cards before, but not on this scale. My advice is to get your recharge cards from those shops of the cellphone companies themselves, not those "BACCOSSI" street side merchants. At least then you will have recourse, the phone companies' shops themselves always honour returns. It is another matter entirely with streets merachants. There is now no benefit to buying off the streets anyway, the price is the same, and yet on top of that, you risk being given fake cards? The gentleman with $90 million worth of dud cards went to the street corner where he had bought these cards but the person who sold it to him had long gone.
Perhaps the phone companies themselves should tell the public what to look for in order to ascertain the genuineness of any recharge card offered for sale. That would reassure people. Or explain why $90 million worth of cards would ALL refuse to load if there is nothing wrong with them.
If there are many of you out there experiencing this, please use the comment form to leave your message. If you supply a contact number, which will not be published, then maybe we can organise some form of collective action to get the phone companies to act on your grievances. I already seven people, and the more we get, the better, the phone companies will have to pay attention. Let us at least take one aspect of our lives back!


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