Former President Robert Mugabe has sent communication to the current ZANU PF government demanding that he be given an undertaking that he would not be buried at Heroes Acre when he does eventually pass away.

Both President Mnangagwa and Vice President Chiwenga have ignored the communication.

In a 5 page document, the former President also complains that he has not yet been given his gazetted benefits. He also complains that, since the departure of Dr Mariyawanda Nzuwa, the new government Paymaster will not take his calls or heed his complaints.

The former President, who the recent Afrobarometer survey revealed is still "trusted" by about 30% of registered voters, states that the terminal benefits and gratuities that President Mnangagwa gazetted are yet to be implemented.

The provision of an office and staff are yet to be implemented. The number of staff he is entitled to, according to his letter, is also being ignored. Of all the benefits gazetted for an ex-president, Mugabe says not even half have been actioned. The former Head of State claims in the letter that his wife is basically been treated like a criminal because she is,  he claims, not being allowed to leave the country.

"I know the government thinks that sending our cars to South Africa was a prelude to her leaving Zimbabwe. The information you have that those cars have since been shipped to Malaysia from Durban is false. The cars needed to be serviced by the companies from which they were bought," he says.

He also believes that it is vindictive not to afford a former First Lady an office and provision for her to continue working on "national, charity projects from which she gets nothing."

Mugabe states that it would be hypocritical for the new government to sing praises by his graveside, which is the main reason he does not want to be buried at the National Shrine. He also revealed that his will and testament also states specifically who is not allowed to attend his funeral. Mugabe does not reveal in the letter who it is that he has excluded from his funeral in the event of his passing.

His main grievances, apart from the non-honouring of the setting up of an office and staff, also include the continued attacks on his wife, former First Lady Grace Mugabe.

"She has not said anything to the press or in public. Yet it is always "Pasi na Grace" at your rallies and meetings."

Mugabe then states that, in light of this, it is clear that his family will not be safe in the event of his "no longer being around".  It is natural, he says, that he would wish for an opposition win at the elections, because the opposition has not been badmouthing him or his family.

Mugabe wants his office set up before the elections but he has not been told what his budget for that office is. He believes this is designed to embarrass him because, should he scout for this and submit a budget, "the information will be published in The Herald to make us look like we are being greedy."

The letter was delivered before the latest rumours from within the split NPF suggesting that Grace Mugabe is funding the opposition party and wants an alliance with Nelson Chamisa on condition she is made a Vice Presidential candidate. The claims have been made by the Mutinhiri faction of the NPF.


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