Saviour Kasukuwere, the exiled former ZANU PF Political Commissar, whose house was riddled with bullets in the opening salvos of the November 2017 Operation Restore Legacy, is seen here arriving in Harare earlier today on a South African Airways flight. 

The strategists within the ruling party ZANU PF have come up with the latest masterstroke designed to smash the putative internal revolt and scatter it to the wind. Their trump card is Saviour "Tyson" Kasukuwere.

Kasukwere flew in today from self-imposed exile and walked into the country with no incident.

This is part of the plan.

The strategy is as follows:

Kasukuwere is not going to be arrested or taken into custody. He is not going to be molested. This will send a signal to the rest of the G40 supporters in the party and those that had joined the emerging NPF that they really are forgiven and that their best interests lie with ZANU PF.

There is been, from what I understand, a bit of back and forth between the President and First Vice-President, Rtd General Chiwenga, who is of the opinion that Kasukuwere is part of the Moyo/Zhuwao nexus which informed Operation Restore Legacy.

Restore Legacy, he insists, was an independent operation whose mandate was frustrated by Mugae aiding abetting Moyo and company to flee the country. It is unfinished business.

Therefore, he is would like to finish the business. Kasukuwere should be questioned, his errors investigated and, if found harmless, be exonerated.

ED's argument has been singular: He declared that the past is dead. He said that he had forgiven the cabal. And he would like that word to stand.

The argument that appears to have turned the table is Mnangagwa's reported position that letting Kasukuwere roam free and unmolested would unify the party. Kasukuwere appears to have no ambitions linked to NPF at all and has given his word that he will concentrate on his private businesses.

Most crucially, he has told the ruling party that he will support the current government and the ruling party and do whatever is asked of him to assist them win the elections this year.

Latest developments appear to be bearing this out: Kasukuwere was not arrested at the airport as he landed. He is, as we speak, already in the city of Harare and has stated that he will not be involved in politics.

The calculation is that this treatment of Kasukuwere will further drive a wedge between him, Moyo and Zhuwao, who are still holding out in exile.


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