The jailing of Dickson Mafios (above) this week on charges of border jumping is part of a grand strategy to contain and eliminate the threat of impeachment and toppling of President Emmerson Mnangagwa by G40 Trojan Horse candidates, the opposition and Jonathan Moyo's NPF

The details behind the plot to topple President Mnangagwa through impeachment make for a very interesting read and I'm surprised none of our mainstream media are willing to delve deep into it.

When Webster Shamu was caught red-handed rigging the elections in his neck of the woods, the expose also cracked wide open a conspiracy that has now been confirmed for the first time in public by President Mnangagwa himself.

You've read stories about Shamu sponsoring and fielding candidates against Chris Mustvangwa (President Mnangagwa's Special Adviser who is in line to become minister of Information and Publicity after the elections) in the Norton Constituency primary elections. That saga, apparently, is part of the bigger strategy.

This plot is also linked to why Dickson Mafios, brother to Saviour Kasukuwere, is currently behind bars, having been sentenced this week to 11 months in jail for jumping the border.

The plot also features, from information I have, characters like Masango Matambanadzo,MP for Kwekwe Central, Beatrice Nyamupinga, MP for Goromonzi West and Godfrey Gandawa, Jonathan Moyo's Deputy Minister in the last Mugabe government and ZANU PF Mp for Magunje. These characters have already had the whip withdrawn from them and expelled from parliament.

Shamu was fired by Mnangagwa last week, amidst strong sources indicating that the reason he has not been prosecuted for what was flagrant electoral fraud was because he then sang like a canary. He is, I am told, angling for a come back in a couple years, after the dust has settled!

I am not sure what would put that idea into his head. Even he, the legendary cat, must have run out of lives then.

We digress.

So, Dickson Mafios is now behind bars. There is talk that he may appeal, which is likely. But that then explains why he was specifically charged with border jumping. Even if he appeals, and is let out on bail while the appeal is being heard, the conditions will be definitely restrictive?

This is because according to intelligence, Mafios and his crew were now in actually physically busy on the ground, campaigning for either "bhora musango" or for a NPF vote or even opposition. So, if he is given bail pending bail, conditions will include being restricted to his house and perhaps reporting to the nearest police station 20 times a day.

The problem that Jonathan Moyo and other who are plotting to topple Mnangagwa by any means necessary face is that the CIO is now pretty much frozen out of state affairs and party affairs. This outfit, recognised as a hotbed of Mugabe's foot soldiers by Mnangagwa and Chiwenga, is not privy any more to the secrets and "shenanigans of the corridors of power.

So, how are all these plans leaking?

Chiwenga has always run what is considered internationally one of the best military intelligence outfits anywhere on earth. How do you think that they were able to get wind of the pending arrest of the General on his return from China? How do you think they were able to put on National Handling Services uniforms at the airport as disguise, before scattering the police upon Chiwenga's arrival?

And how do you think they were able to keep him hidden in the few days between his landing and Operation Restore Legacy, the military intervention that toppled Mugabe?

Unfortunately for G40, they never paid much attention to military intelligence. They were also contemptuous and dismissive of the boys in military fatigue, writing them off as "uneducated".  The boys in military uniform, unfortunately, then outsmarted them before outgunning them in November last year.

Military intelligence is now also to be found in civilian clothing. And secrets are leaking like from a sieve.

Whispers within ZANU PF corridors are that the plan behind the sponsoring of G40 candidates has resulted in 52 of the winning candidates in the ZANU PF primaries being G40 plants. The idea is to get them into parliament, where they will then move a motion to impeach Mnangagwa and remove him from office.

It is hoped that they will join forces with any winning candidates from NPF and the opposition to get the numbers required to impeach and remove Mnangagwa from office.

A candidate has already been identified to replace Mnangagwa in the same manner Mnangagwa replaced Mugabe,

This candidate, a very senior and seasoned ZANU PF politician, is still within ZANU PF. He is a member of the Politburo and is one of the people that President Mnangagwa says not only tried to poison him but also that he "now knows that I know he is one of the people who poisoned me."

Yes, on paper, the process looks quite straightforward and credible. There is the courting of the MDC-T faction led by Nelson Chamisa as one leg of this three-legged pot. Communication, according to briefings to the President is taking place. It explains, apparently, the cosiness, even in public (on social media) between the Chamisa leadership and Professor Jonathan Moyo, especially.

They reckon, with Mnangagwa winning in August, what they desperately need is a good showing by the MDC-T of Chamisa in the elections. Adding to this number would be the good number of G40 trojan horse elements who they hope will be elected on the ZANU PF ticket in safe seats. And then add the number that NPF think they will be able to get by using Mugabe and Nkomo's photos in their campaign materials.

Parliament opens and a motion to impeach is moved. The plan is to have one of the opposition MPs move it and then ensure that the vote itself is done as a secret ballot.

What would they be impeaching a newly-elected President for?

The idea is to impeach him for what the G40 crew still insist was an unconstitutional overthrow of President Robert Mugabe.

It is a stunning level of naivety for a grouping that includes allegedly renowned political strategists like Jonathan Moyo, though.

Why is this naive?

Because it would be impossible to make the charges stick.

Mnangagwa played no part, on a purely legal basis, in the action in November last year although he was the biggest beneficiary, that's one thing.

Most importantly, most people, to this day, are shockingly unaware that at no point during Operation Restore did any one of the Generals meeting with Mugabe ask for his resignation.

I understand the superficiality of Zimbabwe's political discourse and the complete lack of any analytical skill in the population, but this point is very important to remember and take note of.

Not a single General or armed forces person demanded that Mugabe resign during all their meetings they had with him during that Operation. So, at law, Mugabe was not removed by the military and it is this clever tactic by now VP Chiwenga and President Mnangagwa's crew that ensured that this action was not labelled a coup.

Because, at the end of the day, Mugabe was not removed by the army, but by his own party. And this is legal.

All other routes are blocked.

It may have looked trite at the time, but the ruling by the High Court, ensured that the government we have had between Operation Restore Legacy and the June 30 elections this year is legitimate and legal before the eyes of Zimbabwean law.

It looks increasingly doubtful that this action will see the light of day, though.

Military intelligence is, though, still battling to convince President Mnangagwa and VP Chiwenga about the participation of 3 current cabinet ministers in this strategy. The president appears to want to wait to it out and drop them after the elections.

But in the meantime, tight tabs are being kept on those ministers.

Come back read this with fresh eyes in October/November this year and a lot of what will be happening then will make sense.


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