Scenes From Zimbabwes 30 Year Independence Anniversary Ceremony

Harare, Zimbabwe 18 April 2010

President Mugabe lights the Eternal Flame (also known as the Independence Flame) at the National Sports Stadium in Harare on 18 April 2010

This young lady had to be held firmly by her shirt in case she lunged at the president!! Security, security, securiy! No one can be trusted around Mugabe, it seems, not even children!!

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe addresses the crowd at Zimbabwe Independence Celebration Ceremony in Harare on 18 April 2010. Mugabe insisted that the law compel companies to put 51% of their businesses in the hands of black Zimbabweans will go ahead, despite what Prime Minister Tsvangirai says.

The elite Presidential Guard go through their paces at the Independence celebrations in Harare on April 18 2010

Mugabe reads the programme during the proceedings at the National Sports Stadium in Harare to mark independence from Britain

Prime Minister Tsvangirai greets President Mugabe upon the president's arrival for Independence Day celebrations in Harare, 18 April 2010

President Mugabe walks towards the podium to address the gathering. He pointedly contradicted Tsvangirai by insisting that there is no going back on the law to put majority shareholding in companies in black Zimbabwean hands. The law is here to stay, he says.

Children put on a display dressed as soldiers during the Independence Day ceremony


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