Tsvangirai MDC Calls For Lifting Of Sanctions On 40 Mugabe Companies

Gorden Moyo (above), Minister of State in The Prime Minister's Office, has publicly called for the lifting of sanctions on Zimbabwean companies seen as propping up Mugabe. These are the same sanctions that the MDC has all along said do not exist. Confused? You should be, if you are an MDC supporter who believed everything your leaders told you.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 10 January 2010

The Office of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has publicly called for the lifting of sanctions imposed on more than 40 companies aligned to ZANU PF.

Gorden Moyo, a Minister of State in Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's office, told a meeting of his former NGO, Bulawayo Agenda:

“We are engaging the European Union as the government of Zimbabwe. Our engagements are in many facets including that of the lifting of sanctions imposed on about 40 companies prior to the establishment of this government."

"There is need now to review the situation and see what can be done to help save these companies from imminent collapse,” added Moyo.

The targeted companies include the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, which is, even now, being accused of aiding and abetting human rights abuses at the Marange Diamond Fields. 

What the Minister (who happens to be one of my friends on the now infamous Facebook) is saying is that they need to help Mugabe and ZANU PF unlock their patronage system which had seized like an un-oiled gearbox as a result of these very effective sanctions.

I suppose the MDC and its CIO President must think we are stupid. All along, they have said that "there are no sanctions on Zimbabwe and the only sanctions are travel bans targeted at Mugabe and his cronies."

So where did these new sanctions on companies come from? Should Comrade Robert Gabriel Tsvangirai be apologising to us for misleading us? What of his parrot supporters? They who parroted the line that there are only targeted sanctions on Mugabe? Do they feel any embarrassment at all at being shown up like this by their party? Do they not feel like fools for swallowing what Tsvangirai and his ministers are now spitting out?

Question, also: Tsvangirai asked last month at a rally in Harare: "What had you (ZANU PF) done for us to call for those sanctions?"

We know what they had done. The question to Tsvangirai is, have they (ZANU PF) undone what they had done for the sanctions to be called for? If not, what is the reason for calling for the removal of those sanctions?

Some of us have always been against the wider sanctions called for by the MDC. The travel bans were alright and we supported those. But widening the sanctions to include private companies was out of order. Writing in the Financial Gazette some years ago, I used the allegory that the calling for sanctions against companies by the MDC was akin to burning down one's hut in order to kill rats that had invaded the hut.

So, seeing as MDC die-hards tend to be dimwitted, let me clearly explain that the issue today is not that they are calling for the lifting of sanctions against companies.


My issue is the dishonesty. Having denied the existence of anything other than travel bans on Mugabe, where are these new sanctions against Zimbabwean companies coming from? Can anyone ever trust this party, really? What else have they lied about to the people of Zimbabwe?



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