Mugabe Pimps Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara

Now wonder Mugabe looked so happy: he had just heard his Prime Minister and Deputy PM lambast Nestle for closing shop, calling Nestle's actions an "overreaction". It has now been announced that Nestle has now been forced to reopen!! On condition that they continue to buy Mugabe's milk in a roundabout manner

Harare, Zimbabwe, 25 December 2009

After Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai called Nestle Zimbabwe's shutdown of its operations an "overreaction" and Mugabe turned the business of his family into State business, Nestle have now been forced to reopen their Zimbabwe operations.

Tsvangirai personally intervened to ask Welshman Ncube, Trade and Industry Minister, to lean on the local Nestle operation. The Solution that has been imposed on Nestle in Zimbabwe is one which will see them continue buying milk from Mugabe's farms, but this time in a roundabout way.

Dairibord Zimbabwe will purchase all milk from producers in the country, including Gushungo Farms, Mugabe's operations. Nestle and other diary players will then buy milk from Dairibord.

So Tsvangirai is now Mugabe's Business Manager? Why on earth would the private business of a citizen (even though he may be the First Citizen) be made into government business?

The only way to describe what just happened is that Mugabe has managed to pimp out both the Prime Minister and his deputy, make them work for him for no pay.

It now emerges that Nestle had closed operations because the safety of its employees could not guaranteed. Not only was the company beseiged by War Veterans and forced to buy a tanker of Gushungo milk, but managers from Nestle were also taken in by the police and questioned. It is not clear what law in Zimbabwe makes it crime to make the business decision not to buy milk from a particular supplier.

And Morgan Tsvangirai says Nestle overreacted?

Whatever they may say, it is now clear that Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara are at the beck and call of Robert Mugabe, protecting his interests even as he smashes their own to smithereens.

Welshman Nucbe (Minister of Trade)'s statement on the issue is very telling:

"As a result of those consultations, the parties have collectively reached an understanding to work together in ensuring that milk produced at Gushungo Dairies is absorbed by the local dairy processors."

You get the picture?

The overriding concern here was that "milk produced at Gushungo Diaries is absrobed by the local dairy processors." You will buy from me or I shut you down? What next? The Word Mafia comes to mind. Which would make Mugabe the Godfather of the Zim Mafia. Aided and abetted, it would seem, by the Prime Minister of his country and his deputy. There is an American word to describe the two men who are doing Mugabe's bidding on his personal matters. It is by no means a polite name, so we shall just leave it there.

Jobs have been saved by this measure, yes? But at what cost? What cost to the greater good of this country. Freign investment is unlikely to be reassured at the tardy manner in which the Inclusive Government has handled this matter. Impunity is being licenced openly and the perpetrators will walk away thinking this is only language that will get them what they want.

It is bound to happen again.

A precedent has been set and no business is now safe. That is the truth and the country will have to face the consequences.

Under such circumstances, is Nestle likely to expand operations as demand grows? No. Will any other company dealing with Mugabe's produce think itself safe and secure? What if they were ordered to buy at three times the prevailing prices? Would they refuse?

These are but only a tiny part of the repercussions of this whole messy saga.


And to all of you readers from all over the world, who have given this blog such amazing support, I say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Do not overdo it with the eggnog.


  1. Merry Xmas mukoma Danny.I wish you all the best in your endeavours in the coming new season.

    Dont be suprised by actions of our ruling opposition party, who have made it their policy to have bufoonery as part of their profession.
    Nestle will either continue buying our supreme leaders milk or they will ship out.No halfway house here unfortunately.

  2. Merry Christmas, Denford. The world needs your voice. Keep up your valiant efforts.


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