Images Of Mugabe In Copenhagen, 15 December 2009

Harare, Zimbabwe, 16 December 2009

Robert Mugabe and a huge delegation are in Europe, despite the travel ban. They are attending a Climate Summit convened by the United Nations. To show just how much of a jaunt this is, one must ask oneself what on earth a Minister of Agricultural Mechanisation (Joseph Made) is doing at that Summit.

Mugabe, if fiscal responsibility and restraint meant anything to him, would probably have taken only the Minister of Environment and Tourism with him. But, of course, he had to buy the loyalty of a host of other Ministers from his party who would otherwise not be allowed into Europe.

As for the MDC ministers, he needs to give them this special treatment at the expense of the taxpayer in order to compromise them, just as he has done by giving dozens of them some of the farms that have been invaded since the formation of the Inclusive Government.



  1. Denford , we expect you as the one who brings scoops to tell us exactly why Bob took all those people with him. It cant have been for patronage only.Pane nyaya apa.


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