Why Mugabe And ZANU PF Are Happy About The SADC Summit Outcome

When the SADC Troika Heads of State meeting in Mozambique broke for lunch, Mugabe walked off with the other presidents (seen here during the lunch break with Jacob Zuma opf South Africa and Armando Guebuza of Mozambique (and Troika Chairman). Tsvangirai, as is shown in the article below this one, had to go off by himself. Mugabe's hand is basically strengthened by the SADC Troika position as I explain below

Harare, Zimbabwe, 7 November 2009


Patrick Chinamasa, one of Mugabe's biggest lapdogs and errand boys, was waxing lyrical yesterday upon his return from the SADC Troika Summit in Mozambique and says ZANU PF is happy indeed about the outcome of the Summit.

So is Mugabe, who is now in Sharm el Sheik for the China-Africa Summit.

They are very happy in ZANU PF because they now have Morgan Tsvangirai all to themselves. SADC leaders will not even mediate the talks that must now go on between the two main parties. They simply say the two must talk.

Apart from sanctions, Tsvangirai has no leverage over Mugabe. And these sanctions have failed before to move Mugabe. Maintaining them now is no guarantee that the dictator will give in to Tsvangirai's demands in order to get them lifted.

Already, Mugabe's office is sounding contemptuous:

"No set day deadlines were given by anyone in the Summit and no set deadlines would be entertained by anyone," said George Charamba, Mugabe's spokesman, yesterday.

Which means Mugabe intends to drag this out. Tsvangirai will have to make up his mind whether he will remain in government as the matter are dragged out or whether he does another "disengagement" stunt.

Repeating the "disengagement", however, is a non-starter, as even he knows after speaking to Jacob Zuma in Mozambique. Zuma told the Prime Minister that the outstanding issues can only be resolved by the Inclusive Government. If he walks out of it, then the MDC-T would be the ones seen as breaking the agreement and killing the Inclusive Government.

The leaders say he must stay in and continue talking with Mugabe. Mugabe says he he will not give in until his side is satisfied about their own complaints......it is tedious and as clear as day.

So, to get back to the essence of this analysis: Tsvangirai is back in the Lions' Den, unarmed. His back is against the wall still and as he has said repeatedly, there is no alternative to the GPA: that is because he knows that despite his bluster about wanting new elections, Mugabe will hold them only when he is good and ready, no matter what happens.

The holding of new elections is something that SADC will never ever order Mugabe to do.

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  1. I would like to place a big portion of blame of our problems square on Morgan’s amateurish and destructive antics. Blocking national progress in the pretext of saving democracy at all costs can not in itself be good. The GNU is a bridge to the end not an end unto itself. You cannot treat it as normal. Fighting for the police and judiciary to stop abusing citizens is noble, but cabinet stay-aways and going to SADC for solutions to such causes unwarranted friction, hinders national progress for ordinary citizens and destroys even his own credibility among people. A real leader would tackle the situation head on. As Prime Minister, Tsvangirai should have met all armed forces leaders, members of the judiciary and tried to “work” with them. Break the ice, get them to accept your position and appreciate what you are trying to do. Listen to their grievances, use some of the money from running the parallel government to assist them even buying new uniforms! That’s what a leader would do! That’s what Simba Makoni did when his supporters were abused. He went straight to the police stations in question!
    I strongly believe Zimbabweans alone could have handled “The Solution” a long time ago. Instead we are GRACED with someone people follow blindly who has no idea where to go. If the MDC removed its nomination of Eddie Cross, why can they not remove Bennet? In more developed societies Tomana, Gono and Bennet would have quit. And in as much as we now know Gono and Tomana’s characters enough to not even expect them to resign on their own, its scary to imagine a former Selous Scout eagerly showing similar traits in this day in time.

  2. VaMutota, I agree wholeheartedly.

    The constant cry from MDC-T supporters has always been that there was no one else to take on Mugabe hence we had to stick with a man who has clearly shown that he does not have the wits to go round ZANU PF and its leader.

    Now that we have Simba Makoni and Mavambo, you will notice that the argument has changed to one of Morgan was here first....

    So was Ndabaningi Sithole, so was Joshua Nkomo, so was Dambaza James Chikerema....the list is endless.

    We as a nation are being held ransom by people who are VERY happy under a dictatorship and would like to replace an intolerant ZANU PF regime with an intolerant MDC-T regime.

    No one mentions the fact that Morgan Tsvangirai, as ZANU PF's Political Commissar at Trojan Mine PERSONALLY beat up people, especially those who were accused of supporting "Bhuru Rengozi" - meaning joshua Nkomos ZAPU.

    Now he is Nobel Peace Prize Material?

    Did he not admit in the Global Political Agreement that he and his party have also engaged in violence? He did. It is there in black and white.

    The MDC-T are not democrats, they are a greedy bunch of opportunists who have no intention of ever allowing democracy to take root in the country, which is why they send people to heckle and disrupt Makoni's public speeches.

    I have no time for ZANU PF because there is not a single person in this country who does not know the evil that ZANU PF has done, even during the days when Tsvangirai was Political Commissar in ZANU PF.

    Instead, we must now look to the future and not allow ZANU PF to be replaced by a clueless and dictatorial man who will send us back to teh Dark Ages of intolerance.

    The fight now is not about the past, not about what Mugabe did (we all know what he did, it serves no purposes for us to echo what everyone knows), the fight now is about the future of this country.

    In that future, the people must choose between Morgan Tsvangirai and Simba Makoni.

    They must be allowed to see for themselves who is better placed to restore this country's dignity and respect.

    Long gone are the days when the MDC-T relied for their support on disenchantment with Mugabe. Now is the time for them to show us what it is they can do.

    Nothing, is the answer so far.

    The people are watching.

    This is why Mavambo, in terms of membership, is now the largest party in Zimbabwe by far - 700 000 members to date. And counting.


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