"Mugabe Forever" - Zimbabwe War Veterans

Joseph Chinotimba (above), the so-called Commander of Farm Invasions and his band of Ware Veterans have now come out in opposition to God and Fate, declaring that Mugabe should be president of Zimbabwe "forever and ever", basically declaring the Zimbabwean dictator immortal. This shaking of spears comes ahead of ZANU PF's Congress in December this year, at which Mugabe is already guaranteed continued leadership. 

Harare, Zimbabwe 24 November 2009

The Zimbabwe War Veterans Association, a mainstay of Mugabe's support base, has come out in support of him and other leaders nominated by ZANU PF provinces to the party's so-called Presidium.

Joseph Chinotimba, he of straw suits and hats, self-styled Commander of Farm Invasions, issued a statement yesterday saying he and his fellow "freedom fighters" are behind Mugabe "forever and ever."

We will have to see what God says about that.

The semi-literate statement from Chinotimba says:

"As war veterans, we are on the record of saying there is no vacancy on the post of the President and First Secretary of the party. We are happy that our able and God given leader Cde (meaning Comrade) Robert Mugabe was overwhelmingly nominated by all the provinces and we will support him for ever and ever."

Meantime, a revolt is brewing in ZANU PF after Manicaland province also stated yesterday that it still stands by its choice of Didymus Mutasa for the post of National Chairman of the Ruining Party (ZANU PF).

I told you last week that Basil Nyabadza, the Manicaland Chairman for ZANU PF, used the church service at the burial of Didymus Mutasa's son to lament the fact that there was no son of the province (Manicaland) in the ZANU PF Presidium.

Yesterday, he was fuming again, contradicting himself. First, he says it is high time that the posts in Zimbabwe's long-ruling party be given out "on merit" and not on the basis of region or tribe. Yet he goes on to say "for a long time, Manicaland has had no presence in the Presidium."

So, just being from Manicaland is "merit?"

Perhaps it means there are no people with merit from Manicaland in ZANU PF and that is why the party has not nominated anyone from there. The ZANU PF leaders in this province need to start working on their leaders from the area to get them to be truly loved by the people and then they can make demands.

This province of Zimbabwe, in which Marange diamonds are now found, has seen terrible violence in the past and it is down to two men from that area: Didymus Mutasa and Patrick Chinamasa (now Minister of Justice, with Mutasa being Minister in Charge of Mugabe's Spooks).

The ZANU PF Provincial chairman and his people now want that same Didymus Mutasa elevated to the position of National Chairman. Does he think that the people of Manicaland (which should now be the richest province in Zimbabwe but is being looted left right and centre) will actually turn around and vote for ZANU PF when it elevates such a man to high national office.

Mutasa is hated in his own home province because of what he has done. He will bring no clout to the presidium. Instead, he will being disrepute. But this has never bothered the party of Mugabe. They believe Zimbabwe is their own property, which they can smash if they so wish, and no one has a right to say anything about it.

Still, we now know that War Veterans, at least, think that Mugabe is immortal and should be supported "forever and ever".


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