Gideon Gono Elected To ZANU PF Post

Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono is now one of the top five elected officials within ZANU PF in Manicaland. Which may well be the clearest indication that he is preparing to exit the Central Bank.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 23 November 2009

The Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono, whom Mugabe insists is an impartial civil servant who only does his job has been elected to the position of Finance Secretary for ZANU PF Manicaland Province.

The Governor hails from that province.

The election of Gono into this provincial office is only a step towards prominence in ZANU PF on a national stage. He is already there as Governor right now, but we can almost certainly say that he will not be that for much longer.

His acceptance of the post signals that he considers his own fate inevitable and perhaps Mugabe has even had a word with him regarding his departure.

And depart he will now almost certainly will. The MDC-T, if they are clever, will point to this as a sign that the man is not just a civil servant and that the institution he leads now requires that there be appointed a professional who will not let political and partisan considerations get in the way.

Mugabe, if he has not found one already, will now start searching for a face-saving way to give in on his "No, they will not go!" public statements with regards Gono and Tomana.

That is all that stands in the way now: the discovery of a face-saving way for the man to go.

Gono's election to the post (they call it being co-opted), makes him one of the top five people in the structures of ZANU PF in Manicaland province.

It also means that he is now eyeing national office, perhaps even the ultimate one. Gono acted as a de facto Prime Minister during his pre-Inclusive Government tenure and was widely said to have the joined the pool of those who named as potential successors to Mugabe.

It now looks like we may well get a resolution to this particular outstanding issue.

The rest of them, including Attorney General Tomana, will most probably not be resolved. The MDC-T will most likely let those sleeping dogs lie. Which would be a pity, because they would have given in on the least important of the two "appointment issues".

They will tell us it is a victory for them.

We will not believe a word of it.


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