Harare Photos Today - Part 3: City Centre Etc

Here, you can see Town House, the City Council Head Office in Harare, controlled by the MDC, to the left of the picture. The Council is now under siege from ZANU PF, who are "siding" with voters by playing up the purchase of a US$150 000 car for the mayor while residents have no service delivery

Again, Town House straight ahead, the scaffolding you see on the left is around Joina Centre, the Shingi Mutasa-owned building that stood for years as a ghost, unfinished, as Zimbabwe's economic collapse made building impossible.

And this is Joina Centre itself, just opposite the Main Post Office in Harare. It is said although the outside has been finished and looks very nice, inside, the building is still just a shell. The owners took the decision to just finish off the facade so that the building does not continue to be an eyesore.

And here are workers at Joina Centre, still sprucing up the outside

When complete, Joina Centre will one of Zimbabwe's premier shopping malls. There are plans for not only shops, but also cinemas and even rumours of a skating rink within the complex


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