Harare Photos Today - Part 2 Avondale

This is actually the 4th Street Bus Terminus, where foreign currency dealers are back in full force (they ran away from the camera). The traders are capitalising on the fact that Zimbabwean exchange rates in the shops are pegged at 10 South African Rand for every US Dollar whereas the rates at the banks hovers between 7 and 8 rands per USD. So they offer "cross-rates" that are more attractive than either the banks or the shops.

And this 7 Arts Theatre at Avondale Shopping Centre in Harare
This week, 7 Arts is showing the film Yes Man, as you can see from advertising billboard above. Quite apt, do you not think?? By the way, most people are still not aware that Rainbow Cinemas in Zimbabwe, including the building above, are now owned by the former Television newsreader Supa Mandiwanzira

I found this sculptor working a sculpture of a leopard at the Flea Market and he says business is not bad, although most, if not all (he said, "tingangoti vese" - "we could say all") of his customers are locals who buy these to put up in their homes. I bought a lion for US$10.

And here is a selection of the sculptures he had already finished and which he was displaying for sale at his flea market stall. The sculptor tells me those selling clothes at the market do much better than he and others

Harare, Zimbabwe, 01 September 2009

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe has just finished addressing the Houses of Parliament but I missed the speech. I will catch up with it late on Zimbabwe Television (ZBC, also known as Dead BC) later on tonight and update you on whatever he was spewing there.

Meantime, enjoy my second upload of pictures from this weekend around Avondale Shopping Centre and Harare City Centre.


  1. Very nice, thanks. Have you heard? Those naughty monkeys who urinated on politicians, including Zimbabwean-born Zambian President, have been sent packing? LOL. Perhaps we need them to go to Kenya to harass a few there.

  2. @Mamashujaa, thanks for the heads-up. If they were in Zimbabwe, they would have been shot. Mugabe only knows one way to deal with those who disagree with him - Kill! kill! kill!


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