The Zimbabwe Dollar!! - Here Are Some Photos

As you can see, the Zimbabwe dollar is still in use, despite the announcement of its death by Tendai Biti, the Zimbabwe Finance Minister.

What you see above are $100 billion notes (or Bearer Cheques, since the Reserve Bank didn't have any paper on which to print proper money after Germany confiscated its last consignment of new notes and paper!).

The 100 billion dollar notes are bunched together (ten in a bunch) to make Z$1 trillion and those boarding Commuter buses get Z$3 trillion in change if they hand over one US dollar. It basically means that the market and the public have decided that each US dollar is equivalent to 6 trillion Zimbabwe dollars.

No one quibbles about this arrangement and the conductors on these buses readily accept the Zimbabwe dollars as fares, knowing that they will simply pass them on to other passengers as change.

Banks in Zimbabwe do not even accept Zimbabwe dollar deposits anymore and the currency has officially been relegated to the last place on the banking numbering list, with the US dollar as Currency Number One.


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