US Congress Site Votes This Blog The "Best Coverage" On Senate Bill

Time again for a blog announcement to update you on how this blog is being received all over the world.

I hardly ever find time to trawl the Internet for news and the like, what with our creaking Internet connections, but this one was a heads-up from Munya, a regular reader.

It turns out that on opencongress, a website run by the US Congress, this blog is the highest rated for "most useful" coverage of the bill that sought to maintain sanctions on Zimbabwe on the eve of a visit to the USA by Morgan Tsvangirai, PM of Zimbabwe.

The voting is done by patrons of the opencongress website.

The article I did was in the context of Tsvangirai's visit, the fact that this was futile mission from which he would return empty-handed and also examining how Tsvangirai's rosy painting of the situation in Zimbabwe was at odds with reality.

This is of course coming in the wake of other recognitions, such as being voted as of the "100 Best Blogs To Learn About Africa". Tweets from readers of this blog who find various articles interesting and want to share with their followers are also increasing rapidly in number. Thank you all for spreading the word.

You might also be interested to know that the blog remains in the top ten at Top Political Sites, which tracks 250 political sites daily from across the world. This blog moves between numbers 5 and 10, depending on the day.

We are still number 1 in Zimbabwe and in the fifties in the whole of Africa, out of more than 10 000 blogs ranked.

I can not resist a special mention for the CNN people in Atlanta who also let me know some time back that they monitor the blog for news, as I know does The Guardian (London), BBC (featured on the Radio 4 website) as well as the ever-vigilant Zimbabwe online newspapers and websites community that continually rebroadcast and re-publish stories from this blog.

Don't you think that is enough bragging for a couple of months?


  1. I am so very happy for you. This truly is one of the most informative blogs on the Internet. Congratulations! We all appreciate you and you deseve recognition.


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