Tsvangirai Obeys Mugabe On Sanctions

Morgan Tsvangirai has now obliged Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF and explicitly called for the sanctions imposed on the dictator and his cronies to be lifted, while reiterating that his party remains committed to the Inclusive Government, which he says is "irreversible".

Harare, Zimbabwe 21 August 2009

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai called yesterday for the removal of "sanctions" imposed on Robert "The Solution" Mugabe and his cronies.

Speaking at the burial of MDC-T legislator Cornelius Dube (Entumbane), Tsvangirai reiterated his oft-stated position that the "the MDC is fully committed to the Inclusive Government", saying the GPA was "irreversible".

It is worth noting that the call by Tsvangirai is essentially a case of the Prime Minister doing ZANU PF's bidding.

It is an indication of how seriously the Prime Minister is taking the demand by ZANU PF for his party to "call for the lifting of the sanctions the MDC-T called for."

He specifically called for sanctions imposed by "Britain, America and the West" to be lifted. He has previously said that his party did not have responsibility for the removal of the sanctions and resisted pressure put on him by Mugabe to call for their lifting.

During his maiden speech in parliament, Tsvangirai even refused to recognise the sanctions, referring to them only as "restrictive measures". This was the subject of a heated discussion on Monday during his meeting with Mugabe at State House, where negotiators ended up being called in.

What boggles the mind, however, is his assertion in the same speech that "the Inclusive Government is not under any tension." He is still trying to keep up appearances, even as it is announced that MDC ambassadors will not be sent to their posts this year.

He is also saying this as the venomous vitriol from the state media is reaching a crescendo.


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