Simba Makoni And Mavambo Condolences On Msika Death

Dr Simba Makoni, the interim president of Mavambo, seen here at the July 01 launch of the party, visited the Msika family home in Mandara last night and delivered a condolence message

Harare, Zimbabwe, 07 August 2009

Dr Simba Makoni, the Interim President of Mavambo.Kusile. Dawn party. last night paid a visit to the Msika home in Mandara to pay his respects and console the family on the passing of the Vice-president.

Below is the full text of the Condolence Message sent by the party. The message is also going to appear in the local press on Sunday:


06 August 2009

Press Statement: Condolences To The Msika Family And The Nation

The Interim President of Mavambo•Kusile•Dawn, Dr Simba Makoni, the National Steering Committee of the Party and our members join a shocked and grieved nation in consoling the family of Vice-president Joseph Msika, the President, Prime Minister and Government of Zimbabwe as well as the entire nation on his passing away.

We will forever cherish the Vice-president’s dedication to the nation of Zimbabwe, his tireless efforts to ensure that peace and tranquility prevailed in Zimbabwe and his openness.

As one of the founding leaders of the Zimbabwe nationalist movement, we know as a nation that he contributed immeasurably to the liberation of this country and its development in the early years of independence.

Zimbabwe has lost a father, an adviser and a friend of the people, who led an exemplary life in the service of his nation. It is his selfless dedication to the welfare of others that we also remember today.

We can only hope that other Zimbabweans emulate his example in this regard.

His dedication to a united, peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe should continue to inspire us still, even if he will no longer be amongst us.

The best tribute we could pay this departed Giant Son of Zimbabwe is to get Zimbabwe working again.

May his soul find eternal peace and rest.


  1. Sad day indeed, and Mugabe will milk it, just wait and see

  2. I admire Simba Makoni. This young man is just a gentleman. He can rise above levels.


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