"Promises" That Settled Msika Family

The late VP Joseph Msika at a Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe function

Harare, Zimbabwe, 06 August 2009

The family of Vice-president Msika demanded that the veteran nationalist's body to Bulawayo, his political roots, it has been confirmed.

The state media, mentioning in passing, only says that his family "requested" that he be taken to Bulawayo.

As you have read before on this blog, the tense negotiations with the family gave birth to these two events.

I am told that the Msika family was emotionally torn between his burial at Heroes Acre or his beloved rural home in Chiweshe. "We knew there was no choice, but we knew how much the old man loved kumusha," says a source.

Ambuya Msika's health also gave cause for pause.

Having been with her husband for so long, she herself was said to be thinking about the real possibility that she would not, when time comes as it must to all of us, lie next to her husband if he were to be taken to Heroes Acre.

I understand an assurance (there was no promise, is how it is being explained technically) was duly given that this issue would receive special attention.

On Monday, Mugabe will almost certainly have a few choice insults for the "imperialists". His tone has sharpened remarkably since Prime Minister Tsvangirai came back from his begging trip without any alms.

A few days later, addressing his Central Committee, Mugabe stated that "the only good imperialist is a dead one." Since this moniker is routinely applied by him to the British, the Americans and any white man who disagrees with him, we can take it that he wishes them all dead.

Because international rehabilitation has not been delivered by Tsvangirai, Mugabe now sees that he has nothing to lose. He has lost all hope that he may one day be accepted again by the West, as has happened to Gaddafi of Libya and others.

This should all spill out on the day he buries he buries a man who went through the Liberation War of Zimbabwe with him.

Meantime condolence message are coming thick and fast, amongst them from ZANU Ndonga, founded by the founder president of ZANU PF, Rev. Ndabaningi (Lots of Trouble) Sithole, the MDCs and Mavambo.Kusile.Dawn.


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