Mugabe Turns Tables On Tsvangirai. Again.

Mugabe and his men are now in the process of backtracking from everything they have previously agreed to with Morgan Tsvangirai. They are playing for time and Morgan Tsvangirai is letting them. Now he is accusing the MDC of administrative incompetence and failure to fulfil their end of the bargain. He will tell Jacob Zuma this when the SADC Chair arrives in Zimbabwe to open the Agricultural Fair

Harare, Zimbabwe, 16 August 2009

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe, the dictator of Zimbabwe, will tell Jacob Zuma that the MDC of Morgan Tsvangirai has not fulfilled any of its obligations in the Global Political Agreement and that he has no intention of doing any of the things Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai wants done because he is not holding his end of the bargain.

This emerged as Mugabe's party issued a statement at a press conference addressed by Ephraim Masawi yesterday, saying that the MDC must fulfil its "obligation" to "call off the sanctions they originally called for"

It is a signal that Mugabe is now backtracking. Instead of implementing any of the things he agreed to, he is now searching for (and finding) reasons why he is not obligated to meet their demands.

Mugabe has now decided to call the issue of sanctions an outstanding issue and the fact that the MDCs agreed to the inclusion of this clause is now proving their undoing.

Further to this, Mugabe is also going to tell the SADC Chairman, who will be in the country to open the Zimbabwe Agricultural Fair in Harare, that Tsvangirai has done nothing at all to address the "top priority" of this government as defined in the GPA, that being the economy.

Mugabe will inform the South African leader that no policies have been put in place with regards to this area, even though the Prime Minister is in charge of policy formulation and implementation.

I am reliably told that Mugabe has already prepared a dossier that includes evidence of the fact that the dollarisation was implemented by ZANU PF before the MDC joined government and that the improvements now being seen were all down to his party.

The evidence includes the speeches of Gideon Gono and Patrick Chinamasa in which the two announced the payment of US$100 allowances to civil servants and announced dollarisation.

Mugabe will insist to Zuma that the MDC and Tsvangirai can not continue to press him "to do their bidding" while they sit in government doing nothing and not even fulfilling their side of the bargain."

He says he has done too much already and all the MDC-T does is receive without giving anything back.

Jacob Zuma is due to step down as Chairman of SADC in September (next month). The man who will be the new SADC Chairman is an ardent supporter and admirer of Mugabe - Joseph Kabila of the DRC.

He has openly said before that he considers Mugabe, who helped his father retain power in the DRC by sending in the Zimbabwe army to prop him up, to be "my father".

Chances that SADC will do anything at all about the MDC-T complaints look very remote indeed at this point. In fact, we can rest assured that they will do nothing.

As one African diplomat here in Harare said last week, "My President thinks Morgan Tsvangirai would like SADC and the world to compensate for his political shortcomings by acting as his big brothers, getting things out of Mugabe that he can not get himself."

Mugabe has indeed managed to fool MDC supporters and the MDC leadership in government. And now he is turning tables and accusing them of not only failing to implement their side of the bargain, but also administrative incompetence.

Signals to this have been around for about a month, but as is normal with MDC fanatics, they have not chosen to see these, comforting themselves by thinking that "little by little" Mugabe is giving in.

State media has been full of stories pointing to the failures of the Inclusive government. They have been highlighting the lack of service delivery by MDC councils. They have been playing up the failure by Tsvangirai to secure aid or grants from "his friends in the West".

With Morgan Tsvangirai insisting that he will not leave government no matter what abuse he gets, no matter what Mugabe does, the dictator now knows that he can get away with murder without risking the breaking up of the Inclusive Government.

He knows that as long as Morgan Tsvangirai occupies his office as Prime Minister, is smiled at and given a semblance of gravitas at state occasions, he will not think of pulling out.


  1. But honestly, what has the MDC-T fulfilled since they came into government? MP cars? The benz for Masunda? Cutting water supplies? The MDC-T is annoying to say the least :).

  2. Good God, Complexb!! Where have you been? Good to have you back anyway.

    Of course you are right.

    The MDC still has to actually do ANYTHING in government, apart from demanding cars and positions for its people.

    I have no water at home and have not had any since this government was formed.

    We have no power half the time and companies like Datlabs and Hunyani are either closing down or scaling down severely because of the power cuts.

    I suppose this is policy implementation, MDC style.


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