Mugabe Suspends MDC Ambassador Appointments

Joey Bimha, the Permanent Secretary in the Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs Ministry, has announced that MDC ambassadors are not going to be posted to their missions this year because the government "is broke". They will finish their training and then sit there twiddling their thumbs, possibly until the end of this Inclusive Government. Meantime, Roy Bennett is not sworn in, governors are not sworn in.........this Global Political Agreement is a joke

Harare, Zimbabwe, 16 August 2009

While MDC lackeys and apologists prematurely celebrated the "appointments" of ambassadors from their parties, Robert Mugabe has, as usual, been busy plotting and it has now been announced that the candidates for these posts will not be posted to their respective missions.

Even before Morgan Tsvangirai was sworn in, I told you on this very blog, in an article entitled "MDC Dreaming" says Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs Officials, (which I wrote early February, after Tsvangirai had announced he was joining government but before he was sworn in) that the foreign ministry was insisting that they would not hand over any files to the MDC and that they had hidden all the important ones. They insisted that they would put the MDCs in their proper place.

It appears the games have now started in earnest.

Joey Bimha, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affair and Mugabe's second most favoured PermSec after George Charamba, announced this on Friday.

The reason being given is that "the Inclusive Government is broke". Bimha says even Prime Minister Tsvangirai has publicly stated that the Inclusive government is totally broke.

With the international community saying it will not give this long-fingered government any funds for budgetary support, money to run government operations is nowhere to be found.

It now emerges that ambassadors are paid a salary of US$11 000 (yes, eleven thousand Zimbabwe dollars) per month, although most of their expenses are paid for by the government.

But these salaries have not been paid for some time. This is according to the government.

Bimha, who says the MDC ambassadors may be deployed only some time next year, hinted that even this may be wishful thinking because they do not expect that the Inclusive Government would have secured budgetary support by then.

Mugabe is becoming very good at hoodwinking a hapless Tsvangirai and his tactics, although clear, seem to be flying over the Prime Minister's head.

Mugabe gives the impression of giving in, gets MDC apologists' knickers in a twist as they celebrate and then sits back and does nothing about implementing the things he would have agreed to.

The Prime Minister seems not to be aware of this.

So, for instance, he announced to the world that ambassadors are no longer an outstanding issue, that Mugabe has agreed to appoint governors and swear in Roy Bennett. That was ages ago and still Roy Bennett is not sworn in, governors appointed by Mugabe remain in their place.

And, although the National Security Council has now met, this is a charade, as I will explain in a later article on this blog (look out for it later today or tomorrow morning).

Still, Tsvangirai insists that Mugabe "is genuine" and that he will not be pulling out of this Inclusive Impediment to People's Hopes no matter what.

His lackeys also are trying to spread propaganda that "ZANU PF is struggling to contain the MDC".

The ruining party of Mugabe is not struggling, of course. They are getting active assistance in their game of smokes and mirrors from Morgan Tsvangirai himself, who keeps nodding to Mugabe and saying, "yes, sir, as you wish, sir."

His gullibility is proving Mugabe's most potent source of continued chicanery.

Nothing much is due to change on this front.


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