Mugabe Reveals Extent Of Army Reach In Zimbabwe

A deft positioning by Tsvangira ensured that two service chiefs, General Sibanda of the army and Air Marshal Perance Shiri had no choice but to greet him. Sitting next to Rtd General Mujuru and VP Mujuru, whom the two had to approach and greet, Tsvangirai extended his hand, and it was accepted by both men. There is already talk about this, but will fill you in later.

Robert "The Solution" Mugabe revealed yesterday just how far the tentacles of the security establishment goes in Zimbabwe.

Speaking on Defence Forces Day yesterday, Mugabe admitted that senior army officials "have had houses bought for them".

At the moment, the cash-strapped Inclusive Government, Mugabe revealed, was buying or building houses for the armed forces in areas like Dzivarasekwa and Glen View.

The Defence Forces have also been allocated some farms under Mugabe's Land Reform Programme.

Maintaining that looking after the interests of the armed forces was "top priority", Mugabe also revealed that the army personnel has been smuggled into every ministry and at places like Air Zimbabwe to give "technical assistance".

Retired armed forces personnel sit on most boards of State-owned companies.

The Defence Forces, as everyone knows, are intricately tied to ZANU PF, being staffed mostly by men who fought in the Bush with Mugabe. They are mostly from ZANLA, the armed wing of ZANU PF. Now, their political wing is in office and in power and they feel they must defend that position regardless of the consequences.

These were armed forces who mutinied n December?



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