Journalists Fall of Their Chairs Laughing at Zimbabwe Government Minister

As the UNDP representative pointed out yesterday at a function in Harare, more than half of Zimbabwe's population still have "limited or no access to safe water" and that cholera deaths continued into last month despite the Mugabe-like declarations by Morgan Tsvangirai that cholera had been eradicated.

Harare, Zimbabwe, 20 August 2009

Deputy Minister of Regional Integration and International Cooperation, Reuben Marumahoko, a ZANU PF minister, was laughed at yesterday during a function at which the United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative Agostinho Zacharias warned that Zimbabwe continues to face a humanitarian crisis despite the assurances of Morgan Tsvangirai that "things have improved."

Zacharias pointed out that, despite Tsvangirai also claiming that cholera had been arrested, deaths had occurred in July, this past month, which brought the cumulative total of deaths from cholera to 4 288.

He also revealed that 6 million Zimbabweans, more than half of those who have not fled the country to the diaspora, have "limited or no access to safe water in both urban and rural areas."

In addition, the agency says nearly $5 million face starvation this year.

If they are not careful, the United Nations will end up being labeled ZANU PF apologists by MDC-T and Tsvangirai apologists for going against the efforts of Tsvangirai to sanitise his incompetent government!!

Marumahoko was laughed at by journalists when he said:

"Zimbabwe in no longer a country in crisis, but a country in recovery."

He was only echoing the delusional statements of Morgan Tsvangirai himself, who is desperate to convince the Zebra that it does not have black and white stripes, denying what is evident to everyone else.

The incident has been widely reported by the world media.

This comes against the backdrop of striking doctors (Harare Hospital nurses have now joined them).

We have been saying the same thing, but have been dismissed by MDC-T and Tsvangirai apologists as "out of touch", although these apologists are in far away lands, like Britain and America, while we live with the failures of the Inclusive Government of Morgan Tsvangirai daily here in Harare.

One of them even wrote of "the positive things that people are seeing".

This is why I caution the United Nations that if they dare go against the delusions of the MDC-T apologists, they will be labeled as CIO operatives or ZANU PF die-hards!!

But the truth always comes out in the end.


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