General Assaults Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa (above) was held by the collar by a "top" General according to MDC-T sources. This was during the visit of a Korean delegation to Zimbabwe. The Independent, which carries the story, also claims an improbable deal whereby Tsvangirai has agreed to drop "outstanding issues" in exchange for "respect" from the Generals

Harare, Zimbabwe, 14 August 2009

Nelson Chamisa, the MDC-T Minister of Information Communication Technology, was apparently held by the collar and shaken by a General in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces during the visit by Koreans to the country a while back.

This was the same event when Tsvangirai himself had one of the cars in his entourage denied entry into State House for a dinner hosted for the visitors. Tsvangirai decided to boycott the event, turned around with his entire motorcade and drove away.

This is all in a report carried by The Independent today, which does not name the General, although it is widely believed to be General Chiwengwa, who remains in uncompromising mood.

The paper also confirms that Dumiso Dabengwa spent time in a meeting with the two ZANU PF emmisaries I told you about when I broke the story about Dabengwa being offered the Vice-presdency left vacant by Msika's death.

They met after the Heroes Day burial of Msika, according to the paper.

But the story about a deal that has been struck between Tsvangirai and the Generals sounds improbable. If it is true, then it shows you just where the priorities for Tsvangirai lie.

The paper is claiming that Tsvangirai struck a deal with the Generals where, in exchange for them "respecting" him, he would drop the "outstanding issues".

It means Tsvangirai considers being respected by the Generals more important than the fates of Gideon Gono, Johannes Tomana (Attorney General), the swearing in of Roy Bennett and other issues for which his party is seeking mediation from SADC.

Can you imagine if SADC actually intended doing something about this and then they are told by Tsvangirai next week, when Zuma is due in Harare:

"Don't worry, the Generals now respect me, so no need to do anything about the Attorney General or Reserve Bank Governor....we will also not be pressing for Bennett to be sworn in until all court cases against him are finished"?

Tsvangirai would look like a right royal fool, wouldn't he?

He would never be taken seriously at the SADC fora ever again.

But all this does make sense, in a way. What the story is, in all probability, is simply Tsvangirai flying a kite, signalling to the Generals just how far he is willing to go if they give him "respect". Now he will wait for the reponse to the scenario he has planted into The Independent.

Tsvangirai now knows that his two terms as head of MDC-T are up and he will have to vacate that office very soon. So, for him, politics is now at a personal level, looking out for his own personal interests because he probably will never campaign again as president of the MDC.

This is also the reason he wants the GNU to last for five years so that he can milk it for all it is worth.

Unless of course the MDC-T proves to be another ZANU PF, changing their constitution to allow Tsvangirai another shot at the presidency of the MDC-T.

Or perhaps they will just choose to tear up their own constitution and have Tsvangirai run again, even if the same Constitution says he can not.

Which would also mean that he will be another Mugabe if elected into office: he will seek to rule continuously even if the Constitution bars him from doing so.

If the MDC-T start trampling their own constitution now, can you imagine what they will do to the Zimbabwean Constitution if they get into power?


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