Crocodile Found In Densely Populated Township

Harare Zimbabwe, 26 August 2009

A one and half metre long crocodile was discovered on Mangwende Drive in the teeming suburb of Highfields in Harare yesterday morning.

The reptile was dead but had a large cut just behind its head and some body parts missing. The missing parts included internl organs and limbs.

Inspector Terence Matavire of Machipisa Police Station in Highfields confirmed the incident, telling ZBC News:

"We have no idea where it came from, we are still investigating."

Ms Irene Makukutu of Highfields discovere the reptile around 7a.m. on Tuesday and raised the alarm.

Speculation that the croc could have come from Mukuvisi River has failed to allay residents' suspicions. That river is heavily polluted, especially with chemical waste from companies along its banks.

And the fact that it is missing body parts only reinforces the suspicions.

In these days when water supplies have ceased, most housewives do their washing in that river. No reports have ever been made about croc sightings in the river.

The incident is inevitably being linked to witchcraft. Witches are reputed by Zimbabwean lore to be fond of hyenas, snakes and crocodiles, which they keep as pets. ZBC also point out that crocodile bile is a lethal to humans.

Crocodiles in Zimbabwe are mostly to be found in rural rivers where they carry of people as well as livestock. They also to be found in large numbers in major rivers like the Zambezi and Mazowe.


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