01 August 2009: Tsvangirai Denied Access To Security Papers

Harare, Zimbabwe.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was told that there were no security papers for him to review from the days of JOC during the inaugural National Security Council meeting in Harare on Thursday.

Tsvangirai indicated that he wanted to "familiarise myself with the historical role of security establshment" and said he would want to "peruse previous documentation" to that end.

Mugabe told him that no minutes were taken during JOC meetings because of the sensitive nature of the discussions.

There was no offer to give him copies of previous operational minutes from security structures outside JOC.

Tsvangirais office shrugged off teh snub today: "What is important is not what happened before, but what is going to happen in the future. We are looking ahead."

And my hunch is that this future is a bleak desert filled with the whitened skulls of unfulfilled hope.

Mugabe could have convened the NSC meeting at the snap of a finger, but he dithered, giving himself enough time to destroy papers containing minutes from the June run-off especially. The Secretary being the head of the CIO, it is a simple matter to make these vanish into thin air.

After all, if they can vanish whole persons, what more pieces of paper that they do not want the Prime Minister (sorry, Senior Minister) to lay his eyes on?

The security establishment s still forbidden territory for the MDCs, for Mugabe and his people at least. All this is nothing more than the new partners being allowed a peek into the reception area without actually being taken into the factory.

Which means they still do not know what is being manufactured.


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