Tsvangirai Grovels As Dictator Mugabe Gloats

A Rare Sight: I could not resist this image of Mugabe on bended knee at the Mwanawasa household! These days, it's Tsvangirai doing all the apologising.

You have by now heard about Morgan Tsvangirai's apology to dictator Robert "The Solution" Mugabe over the boycott of last Monday's Cabinet meeting by Tsvangirai's ministers.

It was the dictator himself who let the cat out of the bag, telling journalists in Libya that the PM had apologised and labelling the boycotting ministers' move "abject ignorance".

But this should not surprise anyone who reads this blog. I told you a few days ago that Tsvangirai is now to the MDC-T what Mugabe is to ZANU PF: they can not go against his wishes, even if those wishes are against the wishes of the people. And they will never be able to get rid of him.

Tsvangirai who, according to people I spoke to in Kuwadzana at the weekend, has "sold out", has decided that Mugabe is the solution and everyone must agree with him or else.

He came back from his overseas trip and immediately poured cold water over the suggestions by his deputy Thokozani Khupe, that the MDC-T may consider pulling out of the Inclusive Government.

No pull-out, come what may, the PM said.

Just like I told you on the day the news of the pull-out threat spread all over the world like wildfire.

In South Africa, the PM had gone even further, saying that the MDC-T will either succeed or fail together with Mugabe.


And then there was the issue of Tendai Biti, who called the Zimbabwe Independent a "gutter" newspaper for publishing a front page splash this last Friday announcing that Biti had signed a US$5 bllion deal with the Chinese.

Biti denies the story and says it has no basis whatsoever in fact and truth. It is a cooked up story, claims the mDC-T Finance Minister. So there is no US$5 billion coming.

Yes, there is a US$950 million facility that was extended by the Chinese, but apparently, according to Mugabe and Biti himself, this was negotiated by the Reserve Bank and Gideon Gono almost a year ago.

That US$950 million means nothing and will do nothing for Zimbabwe. This is especially so now, when Biti, the MDC-T Finance Minister, has announced that on July 16 he will, in his mid-term Budget speech, abandon the payment of US$100 "allowances" that are being paid to civil servants.

"It is sending a wrong signal to businesses," he said, adding that businesses now thought the US$100 was a salary and they were pegging their own pay structures to this.

Quite apart from the obvious question of where they will get this money to pay "proper salaries" to civil servants (that US$950 million will be gobbled up within three months), there is the issue of setting the bar too high for businesses who are already struggling.

Many companies will go under in the next six months as they fail to meet the new salary demands bench-marked to civil servants' new salaries. Of that you can be absolutely certain.

So, the two dictators, Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe, remain as broke as ever in their marriage of convenience. The country continues to burn, with no firefighters in sight.

The sooner the people of Zimbabwe are given a chance to vote these two gentlemen and their parties out of power, the better.

Which is why as MKD, led by Simba Makoni, we are demanding that the Constitutional process be done with soon so that we can throw out these bums and bring real change to the people of Zimbabwe.

With Simba Makoni at the helm, it will only take two months for this country to be so transformed that it will be unrecognisable!

To those of you who are clamouring to get in touch with Simba Makoni's new party, you can reach us on the following Harare Numbers:

792566, 792428, 795326 and 791394.


  1. Denford, what a mess.

    In the old days, when anyone asked me where I was from I would say proudly "I am a Zimbabwean".

    These days I just say "Zim" and change the subject. People either laugh or look at me with pity while I squirm.

    This was once a proud Nation and I can never forgive Mugabe.

    Mugabe brought the country to it's knees because he thought that he owns us and he can do what he liks with us.

    His one and only achievemnet in his years of misrule has been the education system, but he has destroyed what should have been his lasting legacy to his people (are we his people? I prefer to believe that he is actually Malawian) because he has realised that bringing education to the people has brought with it the ability to reason and with that a desire for freedom incompatible with his rule.

    What's more Zuma and the ANC are looking North across the Limpopo and taking notes; they can see now that if they educate their people, South Africans will become a lot more difficult to control.

  2. @Dave,

    A right royal mess, this all is. You are spot on there.
    And welcome back!

    Still I do not think you need to be embarrassed to be Zimbabwean, really. It is our "so-called leaders" as Simba Makoni routinely calls them who should be haning their heads in shame!

    I believe we will pull through this.

    As the cliche goes: A people will always get the leadership they deserve.And Zimbabweans deserve neither Mugabe nor Tsvangirai.

  3. nice post and good blog friend!!!


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