Proof That Zimbabwean Men Are Cowards?

So, here's this little interesting story in The Herald today.

Some joker, a serial rapist, apparently, raped three young women while out on bail for another spate of rapes in Glen View, a high-density township of Harare.

But what tickles the fancy and provokes the question in the header is this:

The boyfriend or husband of the victim was with her when the rapist attacked. And in each of the three incidents, the husband or boyfriend RAN AWAY or "escaped", as the papers put it.

All three times.

So, no chivalrous grappling with the rapist (who, admittedly wielded an axe) while shouting to your hon' to run away and call the police? Instead, turn tail and leave the woman to her devices?

If it had happened once, as Oscar Wilde would put it, that would have been unfortunate.

But three times? You see a pattern here?


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